5 Reasons to Study Cert III in Education Support

A career in education can be one of the most fulfilling jobs available. Imagine helping students understand their lessons and reach their goals, big or small. This dream can come true with a Certificate III in Education Support; more commonly known as a Teacher’s Aide certificate. 

It’s short enough to finish in a year

There’s no need to spend three to four years at Uni to get this qualification and begin earning. The course duration is only 12 months or less, it’s up to you. You can complete it quicker than the standard 12 months with the help of capable tutors and trainers. However, if you need more than 12 months, you can apply for an extension. A Certificate III in Education Support ensures a Teacher’s Aide gains relevant and work-ready skills and knowledge required via delivery of 17 units. 

Work during school hours

Ever wished you had a job during school hours only? If your answer is a definite “Yes!” you should seriously consider studying this course as the big bonus of being a teacher’s aide is that you work school hours and enjoy school holidays off.  This makes the work-life juggle for parents that much easier. You can work in a range of education settings including public and independent schools and community education.  You will provide support to teachers and students under broad based supervision.  It’s available to anyone in Australia over 15 years of age. 

The minimum age requirement to enrol is 15! 

Age is no stumbling block for this career. No prior work experience is required.  Anyone can enrol in this course.   Learn how to supervise students – including managing behaviour, plan a lesson within a curriculum framework, facilitate a class, work with diverse student needs and comply with legislative (including child protection), policy and industrial requirements in relation to training and educating young people. 

All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection

There are very few requirements to begin this course. All you need is access to a computer and the internet; anyone can enrol. To successfully complete this course however, basic computing skills are required. This includes creating, saving and editing Microsoft Office documents, accessing and searching the internet, downloading and saving documents from websites, uploading documents through websites, and participating in online discussions. How easy, right? In order to complete your 100 hours vocational placement, you also need the ability to obtain a Blue Card/ Working with Children/ Working with Vulnerable persons/ Ochre card (depending on the State or Territory you plan to work).  

Tuition fees can be paid over time via StudyLoans or with ZERO interest via PayRight from as little as $30 e.25 per week! 

If you need financial assistance to pay for your course, you can choose to pay for this course via StudyLoans or PayRight payment options. This allows students to start now, finish in a year (or less) and earn a salary right away without breaking the budget.

Bonus: The Certificate III in Education Support is now offered in Virtual Reality, which combines the ease of online studying with the experience of collaborative classroom learning. A student can be at home or in the office to take the class. All that is needed is an Oculus Go VR headset. For more information, visit our course info page (https://redmako.com.au/learning/qualifications/foundation-skills-education/chc30213-certificate-iii-in-education-support/)