Why study a Diploma while at High School?


We routinely get asked “what’s the benefits of undertaking a diploma whilst at secondary school?” And today, we’re going to show that benefit first hand by visiting QUT and Griffith Universities because there’s a raft of benefits of why secondary school students could benefit by undertaking a diploma whilst at school and they can include increasing ATAR score, providing an additional selection rank for entry into university, which is something we’re going to dive into in this video.

They can obviously provide QCE points, a matriculation pathway can really be strengthened for those students looking and aspiring to go onto university. Of course, there are professional prospects with the knowledge and learning that someone will garner from undertaking the diploma. There’s a whole variety of benefits, but today we’re really focusing on the matriculation benefit and that’s why we’re diving straight in to visit QUT and Griffith Universities via digitally visiting their websites right now. So let’s dive in.

QUT, you can see here, I’ve come to QUT, applying to start uni in 2021 which is the information they’ve got available at the moment. They’ve got specific information around what happens if you’ve undertaken a VET qualification whilst at school, and you can see here information pertaining specifically to Diploma as well. As it suggests here, it can be one of the subjects you use towards accruing your ATAR result, however, as it suggests in the second paragraph, you can also use a completed diploma at school as a separate pathway for entry to QUT as long as you also have an ATAR or a completed IB Diploma. Now, I think that’s really important. So you get a separate opportunity. Undertaking a Diploma at secondary school can be a backup strategy as a backup in case you don’t get the ATAR score you’re pursuing, but it can be a primary strategy, even, to help you matriculate into university. As it says in this final paragraph, you’ll be assigned a selection rank for your completed VET qualification and you’ll be assessed for entry on your selection rank, ATAR or the IB Diploma, whichever is stronger, okay? So they will take your higher score, whether that’s your ATAR or it’s your Diploma selection rank. So the obvious question is, okay, well, what does QUT accept as my selection rank for a diploma? So if I just pop across to this other tab, which as you can see here, again, QUT applying VET study. Well, first off, I want to bring your attention to this offer guarantee. If you get an ATAR or selection rank of 87 or above, you are guaranteed a place in a wide range of courses. Okay, so bear that score in mind, 87 or above, QUT will offer you a guarantee of being able to get into certain courses. So if I scan down here to have a look at selection ranks that QUT assigns to a Diploma. And you can see here, 87 is the score that QUT assigns to a Diploma. Now, remember the offer-guarantee threshold was 87 and a Diploma gets 87. So by undertaking a Diploma, QUT will guarantee you entry into some of their select Bachelor programs. In addition, I will just highlight this column on the left. You can even improve your diploma score by undertaking a Special Tertiary Admissions Test which can see your Diploma be upgraded in a selection rank to 91. So it can go from 87 to 91 if a student undertakes that Special Tertiary Admissions Test. So that may be a consideration as we’re approaching the end of year 12 that perhaps that tertiary test might be something to consider if you’re looking for that extra boost. Okay, so as QUT suggests, be used as a primary within the ATAR score, it can be used as a separate selection rank, for a Diploma it gives you an 87 and 87 is the same score it requires for guaranteed entry. And you can even upgrade that 87 up to a 91 by undertaking the Special Tertiary Admissions Test.

Let’s dive into now Griffith to explore how they will consider a Diploma. And, again, coming straight into the score. An AQF diploma at Griffith and, again, same score, 87, but, again, same benefit, Special Tertiary Admissions Test. You can undertake that test and, again, that Diploma can be upgraded to a 91. So, again, default if you’re wanting to apply to Griffith, you’ll get a selection rank of 87 and then you can do that test and potentially upgrade that to 91. I will highlight another benefit at Griffith as well because, obviously, in addition, there are often subject prerequisites and as it suggests here, at Griffith most degrees require applicants to meet an English subject prerequisite for admission. However, you can see here, by undertaking a Diploma, it automatically meets the English subject prerequisite. So, obviously, it gets you the selection rank of 87, it automatically also helps you meet the English subject prerequisite. But let’s consider Griffith, similar to QUT, also has a guaranteed admissions scheme and, again, if we look here, the eligible degrees, there’s a whole website page dedicated, this guaranteed admissions scheme at Griffith, and you can see here a whole column, completed AQF diploma. And you can see here by completing the AQF diploma, you are guaranteed, every tick here is a guaranteed course you can pass into because you have undertaken that diploma.

Some massive benefits at both QUT and Griffith for undertaking a diploma whilst you’re at secondary school. Now, Redmako Learning stands to aid your students in this endeavor, so whether it be with classroom programs, delivering diplomas at your school, or, alternatively, if you don’t have minimum numbers and are looking for more flexibility, we offer two great diplomas via virtual reality so students can study anywhere across the state. We provide them with a VR headset, they pop that headset on, they get teleported into their virtual reality classroom. So, again, options in classroom and in virtual reality for your students to undertake a diploma and get these benefits that could be enjoyed for that matriculation pathway through to university.

We’ve got mid-year opportunities available and open right now so students can commence in term three which can be fantastic for year 11s because, obviously, they will complete halfway through 2021 and have that last semester free from their diploma to focus on all their other school subjects. A Diploma really is a fantastic option and certainly something that can be considered for your secondary school students. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out and connect and communicate with us so we can help you along that journey further to figure out whether a diploma offering for your students in your school could be appropriate. Thanks so much for your time and listening to this presentation today on diplomas.

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