Social Media Marketing Job Outcomes

Are you wondering where the jobs are in Social Media Marketing? According to Linkedin there are currently 1000+ results for this category in Australia with 317 new listings. lists 4,868 jobs across Australia. That is a huge job industry with many varied roles within it. The average salary is $62, 000 – $78,000. Here are 10 of the most common social media marketing jobs:

10 Most Common Jobs in Social Media Marketing Infographic

Social Media Marketing jobs have grown exponentially in the past 10 years, keeping up with the rapidly growing platforms and their evolving audiences. This is a field that is growing quickly but the key is to be agile and adaptable as there is much room to grow along with it. The first step is to get qualified. A Diploma in Social Media Marketing is the most effective way to give yourself the technical skills and background knowledge to give you a head start in this exciting field.

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