Congratulations on choosing to enrol – let’s choose how you want to customise your food safety training course to meet your requirements & interests.

We offer the Food Handlers Certificate course for the following food sectors – so please select the sector you’re a part of so that we enrol you in the correct unit of competency:

The Hospitality Industry
Businesses such as pubs, cafes, restaurants & catering organisations 
Health & Community Services Industry
Businesses such as childcare centres, aged care facilities, hostels, Meals on Wheels and Hospitals 
Level 1

  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety 
  •  HLTFSE001 – Follow basic food safety practices 


TIP: If you harbour ambitions of promotion or supervision in your workplace, you’ll likely need to progress to Food Handling Certificate (Level 2). Did you know that you can save money if you do both Level 1 and 2 at the same time? Check out our Food Safety Supervisor (Level 1 & 2) course for more details.

Currently we’re offering all our Food Safety Training courses with the option to upgrade to enrol in the COVID-19 Hospitality Best Practice 2020 course as well. This course has been created to deliver a set of best practice guidelines to ensure businesses are safe in a COVID-19 World. Adherence to these guidelines gives businesses the best opportunity to show the dining public that their venue is safe and welcoming for dine-in customers and gives a practical set of recommendations that can be adopted within your workplace.

Please select the course or combination below that you’d like to enrol in:

Name Cost
Food Handler (Level 1) Health & Community Services (HLTFSE001) COVID-19 Best Practise 2020 $84.00
Food Handler (Level 1) Health & Community Services (HLTFSE001) 2020 $59.00
Food Handler (Level 1) Hospitality (SITXFSA001) COVID-19 Best Practise 2020 $84.00
Food Handler (Level 1) Hospitality (SITXFSA001) 2020 $59.00