Negative Feedback on Social Media Can Be a Disaster. Here’s how You Can Handle it Like a Boss.

The trend of using social media as a tool for marketing has been a tactic among big and small businesses for over a decade now. Predicted to have 2.5 billion users by 2018, social media is set to be one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. This shift towards online marketing is also evident in the hospitality industry where businesses utilise Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to enable customer engagement.

Customers don’t need to go to the customer service desk to complain or ask for guidance. They can now simply log in to their social media accounts and go to a page to ask questions and voice out their sentiments. Positive feedback is easy to appreciate but the negative ones may require caution and quick thinking before answering. Here are some tips that can help you handle negative feedback on social media.

Keep it cool

Handle an upset customer calmly. Listen to their concerns and communicate using a friendly and approachable tone. Empathise and give customers the assurance that their concern has been duly noted.

Don’t delay

Provide adequate support AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Try your best to reply within 48 hours or less. Remember that time is of the essence and delaying response can only make matters worse for you and the customer.


One important thing you have to remember in replying to an upset customer is to apologise. Don’t use any flowery words or worse, use an excuse instead of apologizing. An upset customer wants accountability form your end. Remember that customers value an apology more than a compensation. You’ll be surprised at how this can help you retain a customer.

Follow up

Though a solution has already been given to your customer’s problem, it’s still best to check up on them after just to make sure they have resolved their problem with satisfaction.

The Hospitality industry has been following the “customer is always right” policy for a number of years but nowadays, it has been changed to “remember how valuable your customer is”. Treat your customers’ right and try your best to understand their concerns by putting yourself in their shoes.

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