Launch of first Virtual Reality classrooms in QLD

 In a first for Queensland, Brisbane based company Redmako Learning is set to change the education system with the launch of Virtual Classrooms in 2018.

Redmako Learning is fusing Diplomas with an advanced virtual reality (VR) platform to enhance the process and maximise the potential of our Queensland students; the technology can “teleport” students to different environments all over the world to create real industry experience.

The technology uses Avatars and 3D Hologram models to give students a 360- degree perspective through their VR headsets on the places or environments they could encounter in the real world.

Redmako Learning CEO, Reuben Brennan, said he wanted to offer students more options by launching this cutting-edge technology into secondary schools and enhance their learning experience with this engaging platform to complete their diploma.

“We can teleport our class anywhere in the world and actually immerse them in a 360-degree interactive video,” he said.

“Typically, in a classroom environment, a minimum number of students would have to be required of a particular subject matter …  for a trainer to attend site.

“We have the opportunity with VR to formulate classes from all around the state and world to be in the same session at one time.”

St John’s College, Nambour, is among the first schools to trial Redmako Learning’s Virtual classrooms in 2018.

Careers counsellor and VET coordinator, Bernadette Natoli, ‘travelled to Antarctica’ during her demonstration of this platform and said she was very impressed with the simulated experience and is looking forward to students benefiting from this new program.

“I am always looking for creative solutions and opportunities for our students,” Ms Natoli said.

“This program piqued my interest because it was offering students cost-effective Diplomas, which hold more weight than most VET training, and will create more employment opportunities with the experience gained from this technology.

“This is the way of the future, our students are very excited to try virtual classrooms.”

Redmako Learning is offering a Diploma of Business, Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management and Diploma of Event Management in virtual classrooms and enrolments are still open for 2018.

Reuben Brennan
Redmako Learning, CEO
39 0412 331 883

Bernadette Natoli
St John’s College, Career counsellor and VET coordinator
60 (07) 5441 2660