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The Diploma of Social Media Marketing will teach you how to become a social media expert and how to successfully develop and implement a social media marketing strategy. This course is ideal for those who want to upskill in a high demand industry and increase their social media marketing knowledge and experience.

Students / Job Seekers – The Diploma of Social Media Marketing will enable you to build a social media marketing portfolio which will help you land your dream job.

Business Owners – This Diploma will help grow your business and increase revenue using clever digital marketing strategies. While completing the course, you’ll develop a social media marketing strategy and implementation plan that is practical and can be immediately applied to your business.

Media and Marketing Professionals – Looking to upskill and accelerate your career? The Diploma of Social Media Marketing will help you become a qualified social media expert with all the resources and skills you need to succeed.

Social Media Marketing is a growing business, more and more companies are realising the potential of marketing though platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. There is more to Social Media Marking than just posting a cool picture, Marketing professionals will spend their days researching current trends, finding ways to appeal to and target their desired demographic, meeting with stakeholders to formulate a strategy and desired outcomes and so much more. Even after they have tweeted, they continue their work by critiquing their own work based on outcomes, likes, comments, retweets, etc. It’s an exciting industry full of possibilities. If you are a creative person with an eye for detail this could be a career for you.

Course Duration – 12 Months

Class – 60 minute class per week

Tutorial – 60 minute tutorial per week

Study expectations – 1 hour per week of homework/ course work not including readings

Course Intake – Start of each school year and midyear entry

Classes and tutorials have a range of times throughout the week to fit in with schools timetable. The School, student and Redmako will find the best time slot for the student to complete their classes as to not interrupt their core subjects.

At Redmako we pride ourselves on our High Touch approach, all students are assigned a trainer as well as a Tutor who will check in regularly on the student to insure they are progressing and if they are not provide the support they need. Our Schools team will also continue to work closely with your school to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The Diploma of Social Media Management has been written by the World’s leading social media experts, who have carefully curated and distilled their knowledge down into the following 8 units of competency:

SMMBCM501A Plan, Implement and Manage Blog and Content Marketing
SMMMSM502A Plan, Implement and Manage Mainstream Social Media Marketing Strategies
SMMNSM503A Plan, Implement and Manage Niche Social Media Marketing Strategies
SMMBPB504A Establish and Build a Strong Personal Brand on Social Media
SMMEMS505A Plan, Implement and Manage Email Marketing
BSBFIM501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plans
BSBMKG523 Design and Develop an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Plan

This Course is written by Social Media Top Industry Experts including:

Deborah Lee (UK)

Eric Tung (USA)

Trevor Young (AUS)

All Featured on the Forbes top 50 Social Media Power Influencers list.


Social media marketing is a highly sought-after skill-set in the marketing World today. Globally there is a skills shortage for qualified social media specialists, meaning you will most likely receive a salary premium upon graduation!

Possible social media career roles include:

Managerial Roles

  • Marketing Director/Manager
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Digital/Social Media Strategy Manager
$90 – $200k+ Salary

Upskilled Roles

  • Brand Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Content Marketing Strategist
  • Community Manager
$65 – $90k Salary

Entry-Level Roles

  • Digital / Social Media Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Communications Assistant
$50 – $65k Salary

Become an expert in an industry which is in high demand.

Delivered in Virtual Reality (VR), Redmako Learning’s Diploma of Social Media Marketing (10118NAT) provides a unique way to study. VR pairs the convenience of online study, with the support and community of face to face classroom training. This is truly a cutting-edge way to learn! 

Studying in Virtual Reality is different. You don’t need to leave school for the whole day and miss out on other important subjects – all that you need to do is pop on your VR headset at the scheduled time of your class. You’ll then be teleported into your Diploma of Social Media Marketing class, where your trainer will be waiting for you and the balance of your classmates will join too. Redmako and your school will find a quiet place for you to attend your VR classes while at school.  

Your trainer chooses the virtual classroom you’ll meet in for each class, hence maybe you’ll meet in a lecture theatre or perhaps in a boardroom or even in outer space! You’ll have a lot of control about how you can interact in the class too, you can choose who you want to sit next to, ask questions of your trainer, whisper to your classmate sitting next to you, take audio notes or screenshots of content and much more. But learning in a virtual classroom isn’t just like a normal classroom – it’s better! In our Diploma of Social Media Marketing, your trainer won’t just talk about the content – they’ll show you via teleporting you across the World to varying locations OR using the holoprojector within your class to display large 3D holograms in the middle of the classroom to help bring concepts to life. 

Additional Information

Entry Requirements

Eligibility rules apply to students wanting to enrol in this program with Redmako Learning including:

  • Must be aged 15 years or above
  • Students studying in Australia must be an Australian or NZ Citizen or permanent resident

After enrolling in the course, each student must complete the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) evaluation. This LLN evaluation will assist Redmako Learning in identifying each learner’s needs and the appropriate support required.

Each student must also provide their USI (Unique Student Identifier) before they will gain access to their materials. If you do not have a USI, we will provide instructions of how you can create one.

Course Fees & Payment Options

Tuition fees for the Diploma of Social Media Marketing can be paid upfront or over time with ZERO interest via PayRight from as little as$51.54per week! Total tuition is $2695

Payright Zero Interest Payment Plans

Deposit $400
Establishment Fee $59.00
Forthnightly $95.11
Monthly $202.62

Based on a repayment period of 12 months

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