Year 12 in 2020?

Uncertain about your next steps? If you love Social Media, and you’re ready to move beyond chasing likes, then a career in social media marketing may be for you. It’s an emerging industry set to create more new jobs over the next 10 years than any other!

This School Leaver Program spans 10 months Full Time, is delivered in a Virtual Classroom so you can enrol from any location & targets getting you:

  • Qualified – you’ll be enrolling in the Diploma of Social Media Marketing & learning from some of the foremost Global experts in Social Media Marketing
  • Experienced – you’ll undertake a 12 week internship in a leading agency or business proximal to where you live
  • Employed – As one of the fastest-growing industries Worldwide, jobs & salaries are booming -> prior Diploma of Social Media Marketing Interns had a 95% placement rate in employment within the 30 days of finishing the Program!

Social media marketing is fun, creative, strategic and more effective than any other type of marketing – it’s permanently disrupted the global advertising market. If you’re about to finish or have just finished Year 12 and are seeking a serious career in an interesting and exciting industry with a wide range of opportunities – this Program could be for you.

Applications for this School Leaver Diploma & Internship Program are OPEN, but places are very limited because of the exclusive Internship Employers we work with. Selection for acceptance into this program is NOT via QTAC but via direct application which includes:

  • Academic Transcript – MUST have Sound Achievement in English & Maths
  • Social Media Audit of your Social Profiles
  • Cover Letter advocating why you deserve to be accepted into this Program Interview
  • Capacity to meet Tuition Fee obligations (interest free payment plans available)

Qualified: 10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a new and Exciting Qualification that teaches a highly sought-after skill-set in the marketing world today and this is the only accredited course of its kind. Social Media Marketing is more than just learning how to gain followers, this course will open up your mind to learn how to analyse, plan, and implement marketing strategies across all types of Social Media Platforms. If you love learning what makes people tick, what motivates them to buy, what grabs their attention, and how to change their opinion, this is the course for you!

10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing Units

SMMBCM501A Plan, Implement and Manage Blog and Content Marketing
SMMMSM502A Plan, Implement and Manage Mainstream Social Media Marketing Strategies
SMMNSM503A Plan, Implement and Manage Niche Social Media Marketing Strategies
SMMBPB504A Establish and Build a Strong Personal Brand on Social Media
SMMEMS505A Plan, Implement and Manage Email Marketing
BSBFIM501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plans
BSBMKG523 Design and Develop an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Plan

Why Choose this Course?

Written by Social Media experts

Highly practical and hands-on

Unique – Only Formal Education

End to End Social Media Education

Our experts are featured in

Experienced: 12 Week Internship

Internships are the best way for you to gain practical work experience, make a valuable contribution to real businesses and open the door to future employment opportunities.

Our internship program starts with preparation – including a full pre-internship skills enhancement program:

  • Resume Pimping
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimising
  • Interview Success Techniques

We then conduct a full Job Matching Service – ensuring your talents, interests & work you’re passionate about is celebrated in the workplace of the Host Employer we match you with. Daily logbook entries (via mobile app) and weekly monitoring interviews are then undertaken after you commence with both you + your Host Employer to ensure the internship program is an awesome experience for all.

The internship program is 3 full days per week for 12 weeks and will provide you an opportunity to utilise, in the workforce, the skills and knowledge you’ve developed throughout the Diploma. In addition to being awarded your Diploma qualification, you will also receive a Certificate of Completion for your internship.

For Employers, taking on an intern adds an enthusiastic, engaged and diverse resource to their business and via tapping into a pool of freshly qualified talent helps them identify their leaders of tomorrow.

Why do an internship?

Internships are the best way to expose you to a Social Media Marketing workplace and workplace culture. Your Diploma will give you the skills and knowledge but an internship allows you to apply your learning in a real-life situation. Internships give you practical experience and can often lead to securing employment.

The reality is that most businesses want to hire people who already have some sort of professional experience, so the challenge for all graduates is getting that first opportunity. Internships are the perfect way to gain that first crucial stint in your profession that will improve your employability dramatically. A high number of interns secure full-time positions with their internship host company.

Employed: Job Opportunities & Salary Ranges

The whole goal of this program is to get you employed within this in demand industry, so our support and assistance doesn’t end with the completion of your Qualification & Internship. Whilst we target internship Host Employers who have an appetite for taking on a new staff member, we recognise sometimes there isn’t a fit or circumstances change. Subsequently all students who complete their internship are offered a further 3 month job placement support program. Our mission is to ensure you get started in your Social Media Career!

Tuition Fees & Payment Options

Tuition fees for this School Leaver Diploma & Internship Program can be paid over time with ZERO interest (via PayRight) and total $4,995 for the whole program (ie. 10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing + 12 week internship).

Purchase VR headset for only $300 more

to be immersed via virtual reality in your virtual classroom


Interest free, 12 month payment plan available (fortnightly or monthly payments)

Webinar Recording


Applications for this School Leaver Diploma & Internship Program are OPEN, but places are very limited because of the exclusive Internship Employers we work with. Selection for acceptance into this program is NOT via QTAC but via direct application at Redmako SMM Internship 2021.

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