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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding industry needs, this infection control skill set for food handlers has been specifically developed to include COVID requirements. Completion of this unit will provide you a set of skills to follow organisational infection prevention and control policies & procedures. You’ll learn how to implement standard and transmission-based precautions and respond to infection risks prevalent within food handling operations.

Nationally Recognised unit of competency

This is a Nationally Recognised unit of competency which in addition to fantastic stand-alone skills & knowledge, provides you credit towards certificates or diplomas across a variety of qualifications where infection control skills are required.

Who Should Enrol?

This unit is for anyone whose role includes handling food and is interested or requires the skills and knowledge to decrease the risk of and transmission of infection. The unit is quickly helping implement best practice virus and bacteria prevention and control measures, now imperative across ALL workplaces!

What You’ll Learn

  • Hand hygiene and care of hands
  • Enforcing clean and contaminated zones
  • Limitation of contamination
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Handling of waste
  • Surface cleaning for infection control
  • Best practice virus and bacteria infection and control
  • Where to find reliable and trustworthy information
  • Identify infection hazards and assess risks

Online Training – Easy & Intuitive to Use

Redmako Learning’s training resources have been curated to include content from Infectious Disease Nursing Specialists, as well as Medical ISO Auditors, to create a supremely engaging and relevant learning experience. Beyond being engaging, this online course is highly interactive and easy to navigate. Train at your convenience – finish in hours or take your time, your enrolment is valid for 3 months.

On the successful completion of this unit you will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Follow precautions to prevent and control infections
  • Identify infection hazards and assess infection risks
  • Follow organisational and legislative procedures and protocols to manage infections risks and hazards

This unit is broken up into 6 Sessions, with 2 sessions dedicated to each of the following areas of learning:

  1. Follow precautions for infection prevention and control
  2. Identify infection hazards and assess risks
  3. Procedures for managing risks

The assessment for the Food Handling Certificate (Level 1) includes:

1. Watch Videos & Reading

Each section has videos and reading material you’ll have to digest to learn the critical aspects of Infection Control and so that you can achieve 100% in your quizzes.

2. Knowledge Test – Quizzes

At the end of each section you’ll need to undertake a multiple-choice quiz. Once you have scored 100% you will be able to progress. You have up to five attempts at each quiz.

3. Written Assessment – Case Studies

The case studies are to confirm you can apply what you’ve learnt to a real-life, practical situation. You’ll need to review the Case Study ahead of answering a series of questions about the best way to handle the scenario.

4. 3rd Party Verification

To attain this Nationally Recognised unit of competency you need to be observed practicing infection control skills. Such an observation isn’t possible via Online training, that’s why we need you to ask somebody that you work with (present or past) or someone who works in the food industry to complete this 3rd Party Verification form about tasks they’ve seen you doing.

Completion of this Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency will see you awarded a Statement of Attainment for ‘HLTINFCOV001 – Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures’.

Please see responses to some of our most frequently asked questions below, alternatively please Contact Us for more information & details about any of our courses.

How long does the course take to complete?

To work through the learner guides & complete the required assessment, takes most people around eight hours to complete.

Why do I need to do a 3rd Party Verification Report?

This unit of competency is ‘Nationally Recognised’ which means we have to adhere to standards, rules and regulations that govern the Vocational Education & Training (VET) industry. Such standards include how training organisations assess students – including the need to be observed practicing infection control skills. Such an observation isn’t possible via Online training and so Redmako Learning have determined the simplest way is to provide you with a 3rd Party Verification Report so that you can ask someone within your workplace to confirm they’ve observed you.

When will I receive my Statement of Attainment?

Our assessors work full-time Monday to Friday and regularly assess within hours of students completing the course, however you should allow 1-2 business days for your Statement of Attainment to be received via email.

What if I require additional support?

Whether you need support with Enrolment, aspects of the learning or you have a challenge with Assessment – we’re here to help! Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

What is a USI & do I need one?

A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is required by all students undertaking Nationally recognised training in Australia – it’s issued by the Government and enables a central record of any training you undertake. Certificates & Statement of Attainments can’t be issued without the USI being provided. If you don’t already have a USI number, you can apply for one by going to

I’m an International Student, can I complete this course?

As an International Student you’re only allowed to study with a CRICOS institution, which unfortunately Redmako Learning is not. Please check the Australian Government registry to find an institution who can help you

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