What Our Students Say about Social Media Marketing

Neteske, Emily and Anna form our inaugural school-based Diploma of Social Media Marketing class. Their classes are in Virtual Reality, and the three girls have completed their first term of study.   Rudi Tartaglia is their Social Media Marketing trainer and has a wealth of knowledge in Marketing to share with his students. His business, Tartaglia Marketing mentors’ businesses in the areas of corporate strategy, marketing and brand strategy, among other areas. 

All three students have grown up in the digital age of social media but recognised that there is much more to learn about the complex beast that is Social Media Marketing.  What they are learning in this course is already affecting the content they post and how they view social media in general.  We interviewed each student to see how they have found the course so far being our first batch of school-based students to study this innovative course. 

How do you find the class experience in Virtual Reality?

Experiencing a classroom environment through Virtual Reality has opened my eyes to online-based learning. You learn as if you were in a classroom but from the comfort of your own home. Being in the Virtual Reality classroom, we can talk to the teacher and students, take screenshots, voice record and even change seats! – Anna from Northside Christian College

The class experience is like none other. Even though you are not physically with your classmates or trainer, you feel as if you are, it creates a sense of connection. A virtual reality classroom creates an atmosphere for learning through complete immersion, with few distractions which improve your focus immensely. – Emily from Brisbane School of Distance Education

I enjoy the Virtual Reality experience. – Neteske from Brisbane School of Distance Education

What is the best thing about studying a Diploma in Social Media Marketing? 

Choosing to study a Diploma in Social Media Marketing has honestly been one of the best decisions I have made. My experience with Redmako and the flexibility of VR greatly exceeded my expectations. One of the best things about studying this course is how fun it is! Our teacher is experienced and provides first-hand knowledge about the industry. I am always keen to begin class as I am guaranteed to learn something new. – Anna

The best thing about studying this Diploma is that it allows me and the other students to have a point of difference or an edge when applying to jobs. The education received from this Diploma is so useful and practical, especially in a career where social media is involved. A Diploma of Social Media Marketing helps you stand out from the crowd, which is essential. – Emily

It is incredible to study a diploma in something which is growing to be huge in society. Especially from our trainer’s own experience in this field. Being able to discuss things with someone who is informed about what’s going on in the social media market is helpful. – Neteske

What made you choose this course? 

Anna, one of the students for Diploma of Social Media Marketing in VR

After having such a positive experience studying a Diploma of Business with Redmako, I believed studying a marketing-based subject would go hand in hand. When I discovered Redmako offered the Diploma of Social Media in VR, I knew I wanted to study it without hesitation. I could learn in VR, and gain knowledge and understanding of Social Media Marketing. This course provides opportunities to engage in learning which is going to make a big difference in my future. – Anna

I’ve been surrounded by social media for most of my life, and I have always thought about a career within social media. I knew I had much to learn about social media. Redmako’s Diploma of Social Media Marketing was what I was looking for. The units were all interesting, and learning in VR, meant it was flexible and could work my schedule around it. – Emily

I was looking at doing a Business Diploma or Certificate and saw the Diploma in Social Media Marketing. It drew my attention immediately as my social media platforms were growing on Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. I thought studying this Diploma could benefit me in growing my social media platforms and help me when I go into business after school. – Neteske

Would you recommend this course to other students and why?  

I would 100% recommend studying a Diploma in Social Media Marketing. I believe studying this Diploma has been significantly beneficial for me as a learner. It has given me crucial background knowledge of the industry which I can apply in the real world. While having an engaging teacher who is passionate about the topic, the course work delivers valuable and insightful information. – Anna

I would recommend this course to students because it can help if they want to go into marketing or start their own business. The knowledge gained doing this Diploma can be spread over many different job types and give the student a point of difference.  – Emily

Neteske, one of the students for Diploma of Social Media Marketing in VR

I would recommend studying the social media diploma to other students. It helps you think about what you put out for the world to see. You gain a different thought process about the content you post. It helps you to develop purposeful content which will benefit your brand and business. – Neteske

What were your expectations when you learned you’ll be studying in VR? Were those expectations met?  

I was unsure whether this method of teaching would be as effective as the traditional classroom experience. After studying 2 Diplomas in Virtual Reality, I can say with certainty that the experience has exceeded all expectation.  – Anna

Emily, one of the students for Diploma of Social Media Marketing in VR

When I found out I was studying in VR; I had expected it to be impersonal and for it to be hard. I wasn’t sure it would be great for learning. Those expectations were completely wrong. In lessons you’re able to connect and engage with the teacher and fellow students. Learning in VR is just like learning in a classroom where you can ask questions and have things re-taught if needed. – Emily

I had no idea what to expect at first. When I joined my first class, I felt comfortable to ask for help. I am happy with the assistance I receive, the enthusiastic tutor I have and am always keen for another lesson.  – Neteske

What would you like to learn via VR next and why? 

I believe delivering a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration through VR would be a success. Delivered in VR, the course could maximise its effectiveness. Students would be able to digitally design spaces using things like drag and drop format while still having the flexibility of studying in VR.  – Anna

I am currently thinking about studying the Diploma of Business in VR because I am loving my current Diploma and want to extend my knowledge.  – Emily

If I were to study another Diploma, it would be in business, as I want to be an entrepreneur. I could combine my Social Media Marketing Diploma and a Diploma of Business to build my brand or start a business in this field. – Neteske

All three students are enjoying the course and their learning is engaging. It’s exciting to be delivering cutting edge courses which are predicted to make an impact on student’s futures. A Diploma in Social Media Marketing can provide the edge that getting that job takes and is relevant and applicable in varied career paths.

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