When Headsets and Classrooms Collide: Redmako Learning’s Virtual Reality Courses Take Students in to their Next Level of Excellence

Redmako Learning is hosting Morning Tea events to launch the 2019 programs that will keep students engaged and accelerate them into success in the real world.

Redmako Learning will exhibit over 25 courses to add value to curriculums and introduce the expansion of VR Classrooms. These courses allow students to learn in an engaging environment, utilising advanced technologies and access optimum training, which in turn creates ample employment opportunities upon completion.

Explore the features of the VR diplomas with a hands-on showcase demonstrated by Redmako Learnings leading trainers and experience firsthand the innovative journey the students will be undertaking in 2019.

Understanding the needs of schools, Redmako Learning has created four categories to offer flexible course options to cater to students; including partnerships for classroom, employment, school-based apprenticeships, traineeships and virtual reality.

Training can be modified between trainers, or the teachers within the school. Redmako Learning’s courses have been developed to work in conjunction with curriculums to enhance student skills, QCE points, boosts tertiary entrance ranks and is a pathway into the student’s vocational future.

Courses are not limited to the number of students enrolled. Redmako Learning offers superior support to schools and students alike, from the initial signup through to employment, making the process of excellence a stress-free transition.


“It’s been a phenomenal learning experience for the students and one they’ve been really excited about. Virtual reality brings a sense of excitement to the students and you can see that transfer into their motivation to take the course. They look forward to their Tuesday afternoon when they take their business modules. Its reflective of the success they are having because they are more motivated to actually learn by VR.”

Kevin O’Dwyer, Business Curriculum Leader at Southern Cross Catholic College 

“The students are enjoying the program, they’re enjoying the content. They have the option of using the diploma as an entry which reduces really the stress involved of doing year 11 and 12 in school. The diploma gives the equivalent of an OP9, that’s very advantageous for our students. To have actual diplomas available to the students at a very, very cheap price in comparison to what past students have done through different RTOs, I think you can’t go wrong.”

Bernadette Natoli, VET Coordinator and Careers Counsellor at St John’s Catholic College

 “Virtual reality is new, it’s different, it’s fun, I like it.  I would recommend it.”

—  Kyle Foran , Diploma of Business VR Student at  Southern Cross Catholic College

“I would recommend it because it’s a new exciting way to learn, there’s lots of cool features you can do with the VR and it’s just really exciting.” 

Michael Mailer  Diploma of Business VR Student at Southern Cross Catholic College

“Working in conjunction with the school its enabled the students to have a really great step up into senior years. Give them practical skills that can help them gain employment in the workplace. The students have actually taken to the delivery of VETiS program in the classroom setting really well.”

Peita Rollings, Hospitality Trainer at Redmako Learning

 “We work alongside Redmako. They give us the material, they come in to one out of three lessons a week and my job is to deliver the content they give me. They also come additionally if there is an assessment, they are the assessors as they do the marking – which is good as a teacher.”

Eleanor Armstrong, Hospitality Teacher at Northside Christian College

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Schools Program Specialist at Redmako Learning
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CEO at Redmako Learning
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