Redmako Learning’s 2019 Schools Program Brochure

We’re ready to support your school in 2019!

Redmako Learning has over 25 courses or combinations of courses available to your school. Use to improve your school’s curriculum variety, help with QCE points, boost tertiary entrance rank or support the pathway interests of your students. Redmako Learning is ready to support your needs, whether this is 5 VETiS classes or 1 single student (a raft of our programs have absolutely NO minimum number of students). For ease of reference, we’ve bundled our 2019 Course Options into the following categories but we want to be part of your 2019 Curriculum Planning discussions and stand ready to flexibly approach whatever your needs are:

  • Partnerships for Classroom Courses
  • Partnerships for Classroom + Employment with School-based Traineeships & Apprenticeships
  • Employment with School-based Traineeships & Apprenticeships
  • Classroom Courses in Virtual Reality

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