Social Media Career Opportunities

This year, Redmako Learning have availed the Diploma of Social Media Marketing for enrolments by secondary school students. The social media industry is exploding and the ‘new economy’ this is producing is vast – with hundreds of thousands of new jobs & careers predicted over the upcoming years. If equipping your students to enter this new economy and helping them secure the valuable points that accompany a Diploma level qualification is of interest, please enquire for more details. In the interim, I thought you may be interested in some of the new jobs & careers that are emerging in this exciting new industry.

Content creation.

It’s no secret that great content gets clicks, likes, and shares. Content – including text, images, and video – is one of the most important aspects of social media. If you specialize in content creation, you need to know how to grab people’s attention with only a few words. Space is limited on social media platforms, and brands and businesses are all vying for space and attention.

Great content is not only catchy and fun, though. It provides the customer with real value, and the information they need to make an informed purchase. Posts are a chance to show not only that you are offering a great product or service, but also that you are an expert at what you do and that people can trust you. If you wish to specialize in content creation, it’s important to be a master at writing, and to have a creative mindset.

Think of the content that grabs you most – it’s usually funny, interesting, informative, and thought provoking. Social media that grabs users’ attention is the type of content that goes viral.


Advertising on social media is constantly in flux, so if you want to be an expert in social media advertising, it’s key to pay attention to what works for each individual platform.

Advertising on Facebook is different than advertising on Twitter, which, in turn, is different from advertising on Instagram, so each needs its own individual strategy. Each of these platforms are continuously changing their policies and algorithms.

Not only is it important to thoroughly understand the rules and regulations of each platform, it’s essential to test and track every effort to see which works best for each. Knowing which demographics to target, what kind of language to use, and how much to spend can be an art.

Customer service and engagement.

While creating great content and advertising to your audience are two big aspects of social media marketing, social media is also an ideal place to communicate with your customers.

Social media is unique as a customer service platform, though, because it allows you to communicate in multiple ways. Customers can ask questions on posts or send you direct messages, and when it comes to social media, people expect prompt responses. Having a dedicated person who handles customer service requests is a good idea for any business, and getting prompt, personalized responses make customers feel valued.

Social media is about building a community, bringing people into it, and making them feel like a part of something bigger. Once content is created, it’s important to respond to comments and make sure your fans and customers know you are listening to their needs.


You can gather an endless amount of data and statistics from social media, but if you don’t know how to handle it, tons of important information go unused.

New technology, like automated chat bots, let you gather information from your customers without much human interaction. Unless you have someone who can read and analyze the the data that you gather, however, it simply gets lost in the void.

An expert in data and analytics will be able to track all of the points listed above – how your ads are doing, how engaged your fans are, and if you are achieving your long-term social media goals. From there, you can adjust your marketing strategy to better include the data that you’ve discovered.

With the Right Training, Social Media Career Opportunities are Endless

Your students love social media, so why not help them make it into a future career? Help them get the right qualifications, stay on top of the latest developments, and think carefully about what aspect of social media they want to focus on. A Diploma of Social Media Marketing can open so many career pathways for them. If you’re interested, contact Redmako Learning today!