Virtual Reality Changing Education

What if we told you there’s a newer way to learn? While books are classics, education can now be delivered in Virtual Reality. This cool, innovative, and creative way of studying is bound to make your experience better. How? We list down 5 reasons VR education is awesome!

1. No commutes!

Say goodbye to getting stuck in traffic or braving the rain before getting to class. You can attend lectures in the comfort of your own home without sacrificing human interaction. VR allows you to interact and ask questions with fellow students and professors through your very own avatar. This means you can attend classes in your living room or in the office during lunch break!

2. Complete at Your Own Pace

You can complete the course in your free time. All you need is an hour a day. That’s just an hour less of Netflix and you can complete your diploma! As a mum, this can be done during nap time. For professionals, this can be done during breaks or after work without unnecessarily going to the campus. All you have to do is put on your headset and we’ll transport you to your classroom! Our Learning Management System can be accessed any time of the day for assignments and course work, too!

3.  VR Is for Every One

Whether you’re a student or a mum, learning to use the VR won’t be difficult. Plus, we have trainers who can assist you! The VR headset also comes with note taking and screen capturing features to help you in remembering details you’d normally miss. This means you can focus more on what’s happening instead of scrambling to type on your laptop.

4. Relevant and Exciting Courses

From marketing to business, we offer courses that are relevant and enjoyable for you. Aspiring business owners can take our Diploma of Business while Internet savvy individuals can make a career out of their passion with Social Media Marketing Intensive. Learning won’t be a bore with our nationally recognised qualifications. Many of them have State Government funded subsidies, too!

5. Absolutely Cool!

Did we mention it’s cool? Yep. Be among the trendsetters with our modern Oculus Go headset (it comes with your course fee!) and visit 360 environments made by our in-house VR designers. Not only will it keep you engaged during the course, the VR program also has games and student-to-student interactions that you won’t experience elsewhere.

“Virtual reality brings a sense of excitement to the students and you can see that transfer into their motivation to take the course.” shares Kevin O’Dwyer of Southern Cross Catholic College. What more can you ask for?

Try out VR education today. Send us a message to learn more.