8 Passion Projects You Can Turn Into Profit

Hobbies can be expensive with speciality equipment and costly classes, but they can also be profitable given the right avenue. You don’t need to make a rash career change. People often start with turning their passion projects into a side hustle to augment their salary. Millennials, in fact, are starting businesses at younger ages than those of the previous generations, according to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report. With social media and word-of-mouth marketing, opening a business has been easier. This win-win situation means you can earn additional income whilst exploring your hobbies.

Not everything can earn money. So, what are possible activities that could generate income? The following are some examples of profitable endeavours that may be enjoyable to many and capable of becoming businesses.

1. Writing

Upwork, one of the country’s top freelancing websites, can help turn a writer’s work into cash.  Writers can find projects for content and copy writing for websites. Some earn as much as $80/hour for writing projects.

2. Handmade art and crafts 

Wearable art is now becoming more fashionable thanks to arts and crafts shops, galleries and weekend markets. From beaded jewellery to crochet tops, to hats and crystal wrapping.  The only limit is your imagination.  Whether it’s DIY earrings to painting and screen printing on tote bags, selling has also become easier through internet platforms such as Etsy and Instagram.

3. Home Sharing 

A beautiful home deserves to be shared, and extra room can fund your next trip. Home-sharing and whole house or apartment renting are budget-friendly ways to travel the world. Australia continues to be a top destination; with 5,090,000 Airbnb guest arrivals in Australia in 2017 according to the leading home-sharing company.  Airbnb has made it easy for people to make extra income from their homes. 

4. Pet Care and Dog Walking

Love pets? Neighbours going on holiday will pay a premium for someone to care for their furry friend and walk them while they are away. This is especially easy for people who already have a pet and have those responsibilities already.

5. Tutoring 

The only limit to tutoring is the time you have available. One can turn their skills into profit, teaching kids and adults.  You can teach maths and English, give music lessons or teach patchwork quilting or acrylic painting. Be aware you need a Blue card in QLD and a Working with Childrens Check in NSW and VIC to work with school age children.  Music teachers generally need to have completed music examinations however beginners may be happy with any responsible person with the skills and a passion for music to teach them.  Art and craft enthusiasts run short courses frequently and advertise on social media.


6. Vlogging

There is a whole marketing industry in vlogging. Content creators earn thousands per month depending on their following from views and brand collaborations. One vlogger reportedly earned more than a $100,000 through Tribe, an influencer marketing platform. (https://www.tribegroup.co/blog/heres-how-much-our-top-tribe-influencer-earned-100)

7. Event Co-ordination & Party Planning

Love organising and planning? It takes a very systematic person to succeed in event co-ordination.  It may be right up your alley. Start out organising smaller parties such as baby showers and children’s birthday parties. Word of mouth advertising is effective when you first begin.  Social media marketing is the next step particularly in community groups.  Once your business is established you can then approach marketing companies and pitch to handle their brand activation activities.

8. Stock Photography 

Got bitten by the shutterbug? Take photos of things that you love and sign up as a stock photography contributor. Many corporate companies are looking to buy ready images. This benefits a photographer because shoots can be done when convenient and direction is completely up to him.