Our Diploma Graduates Where Are They Now?

Have you been considering studying a Diploma in Virtual Reality with Redmako? Are you concerned about the online learning experience or perhaps the cost of the course? We recently interviewed two of our Diploma Graduates one school-based trainee and one non-school based trainee about how they found studying with Redmako in Virtual Reality. 

These are their stories.  

Natalie Thomsen 

What course did you study with Redmako and why did you choose that one?  

I am studying the Diploma of Social Media Marketing. I chose this course as I was looking for a fresh perspective. At the time, I’d been made redundant, and I was looking for ways to pursue my dream of starting my own freelance writing business. I was hitting Google hard looking for ways to get things started, and I came across this course. Given that everything is online these days, it made complete sense that I needed to do this course for me to turn my dream into a reality.  

What is your current role and what does your work entail? 

I work for an Accountant who specialises in Self-Managed Super Funds. I do the administration support tasks.  

Has your job changed since you completed the course? 

It hasn’t. I plan to continue working part-time while I work on setting up my business.  

If not has completing the course helped you do your job better or have other opportunities arisen for you as a result of completing your course? 

In talking to my friends and family with businesses, I have discovered that I have skills and particularly knowledge of things that people want to know. Many small business owners are aware that they need to build a social media presence but don’t know how to go about it. Others get as far as starting a Facebook page and leave it there. I am excited that I now have so much insight into the opportunities that await small business owners. 

Did you enjoy studying with Redmako in VR? What was the best part of studying in VR?  

I loved the ability to study using Redmako’s VR classes. The fact that I could put my goggles on and be sitting in a class with fellow students and taught by industry-leading marketing and business consultants from my Mallee Victorian home is beyond belief. I’ve completed several online courses, and the Redmako experience has been the most enriching. I feel like I know my teachers and fellow students. What’s best, I haven’t had to leave home or disrupt my family to do it.   

Any final comments on studying this course with Redmako in VR? 

I want to congratulate Redmako Learning on offering the best online learning environment. Choosing to study with you has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everything you do is well done; from student support with Roumel through to the VR classes with Rudi and Megan. When I first enrolled, I had the usual hesitations: Will this course be as good as they tell me it is? Is it worth the money that I have committed? Will the VR sessions be a gimmick? Thankfully, all my reservations were proven wrong, very wrong. I am pleased to say that everything offered through the course is first class. The learning material is interactive and exciting. In fact, at times, it’s like a good book that you don’t want to put down! The VR sessions exceeded my expectations. And finally the big one, the course is excellent value for money. Having access to Rudi’s knowledge and experience is invaluable, and the fact that he’s willing to share so much, additionally through the Facebook page is priceless.  

You’ve probably gathered that I am a delighted student! I am so happy to say that I made the right decision in choosing Redmako. The goal I have in starting my own freelance business is a challenging one, and it will be a while before I’m celebrating my success. However, today I’m celebrating almost completing this course and all the excellent skills and knowledge I have acquired in the last 12 months. 

Anna Hong  

Anna, one of the student for Diploma of Social Media Marketing in VR

Anna is an exceptional graduate of Redmako’s. She has completed both a Diploma of Business in VR and now a Diploma of Social Media Marketing in VR while being in Year 11. Remarkably Anna is currently in Year 12 and already has two diplomas on her resume. I caught up with Anna while she was studying the Diploma of Social Media Marketing about how she was finding the course.  

Why did you choose to study for the Diploma of Business? 

 I grew up with an entrepreneurial family, so business has always interested me. I knew that studying a Diploma of business, especially at such a young age, I would be able to gain a level of knowledge and understanding that would influence my future career pathways and life decisions in general.  

Why did you choose to study for the Diploma of Social Media Marketing?  

After having such a positive experience studying a Diploma of Business with Redmako, studying a marketing-based subject would work hand in hand. Upon finding that Redmako offered a Diploma of Social Media Marketing in VR, without hesitation, I knew I wanted to do it. Not only would I be able to study in VR, but I would be able to gain the knowledge and understanding of Social Media Marketing and how it can benefit a person or a business. Choosing this course has given me advantages and allowed me to engage in learning which is going to make a big difference in my future.  

What is the best thing about studying for a Diploma in Social Media Marketing? 

Choosing to study a Diploma in Social Media Marketing has honestly been one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has my experience with Redmako and the flexibility of VR significantly exceeded my expectations, but one of the best things about studying this course is how fun it is! Having a teacher who is experienced and provides first-hand knowledge about the industry, I am always keen to begin class as I am guaranteed to learn something new.  

Did studying it in Virtual Reality improve the experience for you? In what ways? 

Studying the Diploma of Business and Social Media Marketing in Virtual Reality has undoubtedly been one of the best experiences I’ve had. Virtual Reality has enhanced traditional schooling with an engaging, innovative way of learning. It has allowed me the flexibility to complete my senior school education while being able to study not one, but two diplomas. 

Would you recommend studying the Diploma of Business in VR with Redmako to other students? Why? 

If business interests you in any way, I would certainly recommend studying this course. You have the advantage of gaining a high-level qualification while still at school, and you get to experience studying in a way in which makes you excited to go to class and interact with classmates as if you were in a traditional schooling environment. 

What about the Diploma of Social Media Marketing? Would you recommend this course? 

I would 100% recommend studying a Diploma in Social Media Marketing. I believe that studying this Diploma with Redmako has been significantly beneficial for me as a learner as it has given me crucial background knowledge of the industry which I can apply in the real world. While having engaging teachers who are passionate about what they teach, the course work delivers valuable and insightful information.  

What are you doing/studying now? 

I’m currently completing a certificate in financial services in conjunction with my senior year of high school (grade 12).  

What are your plans after you finish school now that you have two diplomas? 

With two diplomas, in addition to being in my final year of school, I’m intrigued to see what life has in store for me. At the moment, there are several exciting things that I have been working on and can’t wait to share. 

Any other general comments you’d like to make about these courses?  

Redmako’s Diploma of Business & Social Media Marketing delivered in VR is a way of learning like no other. You can interact with other students with the convenience of online studying. The Redmako team make every effort to ensure that every student understands and is involved in both classes and tutorials.  

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