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If you’re considering studying with Redmako Learning, whether you’re a school student considering a school based Traineeship or a super experienced professional seeking to be recognised via RPL or anyone else in-between, you want the peace of mind that you’ll be inspired in your learning journey & cared for.

Redmako Learning is a value driven organisation & we ask each of our staff to own our values, which is why we always list them in first person:

  • I AM  Influential.

  • I AM Caring.

  • I AM  Accountable.

  • I AM  Resourceful.

  • I AM  Passionate.

If you aspire for your learning journey to be led by passionate, resourceful and accountable trainers who will care for you and help set you up to truly be influential in your industry – then you’ve come to the right place!

With Redmako Learning, your learning journey could be taken via a number of different options, so please contact us to discuss the path that could be best for you. Examples of such options and highlighted benefits are featured below:

Benefits of Studying with Redmako

  • Earn money while you learn
  • Learn in the workplace, not in a classroom
  • In Queensland, if undertaking whilst still at school, attain valuable QCE points (a Certificate III could reward you with up to 8 QCE points!)
  • Gain a Nationally recognised qualification
  • Get assessed on the skills & knowledge you already have, rather than having to undertake training on content you already know
  • Fast & efficient way to attain a Nationally recognised qualification
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Assist with career development & education planning
  • Attain critical occupational knowledge & skills to help you get a job
  • Collect invaluable work experience within your chosen industry
  • Impress your Host Employer to land a valuable job
  • Convenience of studying from home, work, the train, etc.
  • Join & interact with a broad community from different geographical regions
  • Learning Management System is wonderfully interactive and features a rich forum & social networking collaboration opportunities
  • Virtual, immersive learning has been shown to significantly aid learning retention
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