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by Jacinta Gonano on Redmako Learning
I've completed my Diploma in time

My name is Jacinta Gonano and I am a current year 12 student. I started my Diploma last year in grade 11 where I wanted to extend my knowledge from my Certificate III in Business to a Diploma in Business. I was very nervous but excited for my first time learning in a virtual classroom. At the start of the course, I had absolutely no clue what was going on. In fact, I didn’t even know how to access my assignments or the LMS. Week after week I attended the lessons and tutorials but again did not understand what I was meant to do next. Being the visual learner that I am, I really struggled not having someone in front of me to help me. The first few months I achieved nothing and everything was going over my head. It wasn’t till about 4 months prior to completing my Diploma that I really stuck my head down and got into it. It didn’t seem possible that I would finish in time for it to be recognised on my year 12 certificate. I lost hope in myself and some teachers I had spoken to at school didn’t recommend me to continue with it either.

I reached out to Megan and told her that I was struggling and was thinking about quitting. Megan met me in webex and we talked about how I was going to catch up. Megan not only gave me the motivation to keep going, but she gave up her afternoons and weekends to help me catch up. If I ever needed help, she would email me back within the hour or so and had me scheduled in to meet online with her that week. I then realised that it was quite possibly for me to complete my diploma in time for my year 12 certificate, and that’s exactly what I did. Without Megan’s faith in me and constant reminder that she was there to help me if needed, I would have not completed my Diploma. I am very grateful for Megan and I hope that there are many more students that get the privilege to have her as their teacher.

by Ollie Murray on Redmako Learning
Brilliant experience with Redmako

My experience with Redmako has been brilliant, Roumel and Megan were both extremely patient and accommodating with all of my needs. Megan was very informative and always went above and beyond always to answer my questions and help further my understanding and knowledge of different units. Roumel was extremely patient with me and supported me despite myself having some strict time constraints. I currently work for an Online University and can happily say the service I was provided was brilliant.

by Caitlin Urquhart on Redmako Learning
Course is well done and put together nicely
Company or School: Good Counsel College

I would say that everything in this course is well done and put together nicely. I would highly recommend coming to a school's subject selection for the year 9/10 going into the new schooling year, I feel like this would give Redmako a great opportunity to expand and to encourage other students to learn your courses through VR. In Far North Queensland, I can see multiple schools and students who would like to do this course but don't have enough information about it so therefore they won't be interested in it.

One way to make VR more enjoyable is to maybe interact with the students a bit more... face-to-face for me is the best way to interact with other people, so personally I would use Webex more frequently with the face camera so that way you can actually see how they interact with you and other students.

Being in a rural place is quite hard to find placement without having the need to drive 1 hour to Cairns, but I would still recommend placement for this course or another other course that doesn't require placement...even work placement just so the student can get hands-on experience on what this or their chosen course is about.

The only thing I wished we did in VR is maybe some educational games, I know this might be hard in VR but it would be a great opportunity to see if the students are learning and interacting with what you are saying and teaching e.g. Kahoot

Other than that I was really pleased with this course. Our VET co-ordinator would also recommend this course to other students in our school to take the opportunity to try something new.

Sincerely Caitlin

by Saskia Gunnes on Redmako Learning
I always look forward to class
Company or School: Northside Christian College

I’m in year 10 and I go to Northside Christian College. I love studying hospitality because I think it’s great, it’s a lot of fun and I always look forward to class. I like how the trainers help us during class and that we can always ask them for assistance if we are stuck and they are fun to be around with.

by Kyle Foran on Redmako Learning
VR feels more personal and a lot less distracting.
Company or School: Southern Cross Catholic College

I chose to study in Diploma in Business – VR program because I wanted to continue doing some business after school. It feels more personal and a lot less distracting. You can interact with your teacher by raising your hand up or just speaking through the mic and she will go in front of where you are sitting and answer your question. It’s very interesting to learn with virtual reality. I like it as it’s different and fun and I would definitely recommend it!

by Bernadette Natoli on Redmako Learning
The students are really enjoying the program
Company or School: St. John’s Catholic College

I think we have about 15 students doing the Business Diploma and are so far so good. The students are really enjoying the program and enjoying the content. I believe students will have a bigger advantage by doing a diploma course. It was great to have the actual teacher come and meet with the students as well so that she’s not just an avatar I think that makes a big difference to in developing those relationships.

by Kevin O'Dwyer on Redmako Learning
It’s a phenomenal learning experience for our students
Company or School: Southern Cross Catholic College

It’s really exciting to use the V.R. headsets and it’s obviously a new technology to the kids. They have really embraced it and found it exciting and the fact that they can sit here in the Southern Cross Catholic College Library and be in a virtual classroom to ask or type questions. It’s a phenomenal learning experience for our students and one that they have been really excited about.

by Pieta Rollings on Redmako Learning
Redmako's School Program has enabled the students to have a really great step up into senior years

I work with Redmako Learning and Northside Christian College to facilitate the VETIS program for Y10 Hospitality. I work in conjunction with hospitality teachers to deliver the course each term and throughout the year as well. Redmako Learning’s School Program has enabled the students to have a really great step up into senior years to give them practical skills that can help them gain employment in a workplace.

by Michael Mailer on Redmako Learning
VR is a new and exciting way to learn!
Company or School: Southern Cross Catholic College

I would recommend Diploma in Business - VR because it’s a new exciting way to learn. There are just a lot of cool features you can do with the V.R.

by Melissa Hermans on Redmako Learning
Redmako is very personal!

Redmako is very personal and they are all very caring. The trainees and the tutors were so lovely and they really encourage me do my best in the traineeship. They talk to you like you’re an actual employee and you don’t feel like you're in school. You feel like you're actually working and you’re actually learning something not as a student but as a colleague.

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