A 9 Out of 10 Experience

The option of online models, which helps with having my set work available at home, is a key benefit of working with Redmako for me. Also, it was easy to use! Another key benefit was having the trainer come into my workplace which made my training a lot easier for me as any questions about my workplace or models was easier and faster to answer.

I would advice anyone considering working with Redmako to stay on top of your workbooks and not to worry about any problems you have with the training because your trainer can always help you with the answer.

I now am confident when working in the hospitality work sectors. After finishing all my training, I have confident knowledge within beverage making, health and safety and other small factors which I didn’t know before.

I would recommend this experience to everyone as Redmako is a reliable and friendly training provider which ensured me that I would be able to finish my qualification confidently.

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