Course is well done and put together nicely

I would say that everything in this course is well done and put together nicely. I would highly recommend coming to a school’s subject selection for the year 9/10 going into the new schooling year, I feel like this would give Redmako a great opportunity to expand and to encourage other students to learn your courses through VR. In Far North Queensland, I can see multiple schools and students who would like to do this course but don’t have enough information about it so therefore they won’t be interested in it.

One way to make VR more enjoyable is to maybe interact with the students a bit more… face-to-face for me is the best way to interact with other people, so personally I would use Webex more frequently with the face camera so that way you can actually see how they interact with you and other students.

Being in a rural place is quite hard to find placement without having the need to drive 1 hour to Cairns, but I would still recommend placement for this course or another other course that doesn’t require placement…even work placement just so the student can get hands-on experience on what this or their chosen course is about.

The only thing I wished we did in VR is maybe some educational games, I know this might be hard in VR but it would be a great opportunity to see if the students are learning and interacting with what you are saying and teaching e.g. Kahoot

Other than that I was really pleased with this course. Our VET co-ordinator would also recommend this course to other students in our school to take the opportunity to try something new.

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