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Do you possess the skills, but do not have a formal qualification to prove it? Before you go about completing full training & assessment within a course, consider getting an assessment for recognition of prior learning or RPL.

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What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning is a process that credits your existing skills and experience toward a nationally recognised certificate or diploma. The assessment takes into account the skills you’ve learnt in your previous studies, employment and volunteer work.

Why consider RPL?

  • Validate learning gained through your work & life experience
  • Assist with career development & education planning
  • Reduce the normal time taken for formal training
  • Identify any program areas you have that require further study
  • Increase your self-confidence

How long will it take?

This may be subject to what qualification you are seeking & what percentage of a course you may be eligible to RPL, however a full qualification could typically take 3 – 5 sessions with a Trainer, plus some collation of evidence & collecting Reference letters.

Who is eligible for RPL?

  • Strong work history (ie. >3 years full time) in the industry you’re hoping to attain a qualification
  • Higher order qualifications (ie. Cert IV & Diplomas) will likely require Supervisory or Management experience
  • Job seekers or those employed full time, part time, or casual could be eligible because RPL is all about your experience ie. your career to-date. Your Resume will be a key part of evidence your Trainer will use to assess your experience.
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Next Steps:

  • Contact Redmako Learning to discuss your eligibility for RPL
  • Ask your Redmako Learning BDM, Trainer or Learning Account Manager for an Expression of Interest (EOI) form (or download the EOI form here)
  • Complete & submit the EOI form to Redmako Learning
  • Once eligibility is confirmed, Redmako Learning’s training team will make contact to book the first session with you towards completing your RPL

Recognition of prior learning is a brilliant opportunity to turn the skills and experience you have gained over the years into a formal qualification, which you can then use to achieve better career outcomes. Take this chance and get started now!

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