I’ve completed my Diploma in time

My name is Jacinta Gonano and I am a current year 12 student. I started my Diploma last year in grade 11 where I wanted to extend my knowledge from my Certificate III in Business to a Diploma in Business. I was very nervous but excited for my first time learning in a virtual classroom. At the start of the course, I had absolutely no clue what was going on. In fact, I didn’t even know how to access my assignments or the LMS. Week after week I attended the lessons and tutorials but again did not understand what I was meant to do next. Being the visual learner that I am, I really struggled not having someone in front of me to help me. The first few months I achieved nothing and everything was going over my head. It wasn’t till about 4 months prior to completing my Diploma that I really stuck my head down and got into it. It didn’t seem possible that I would finish in time for it to be recognised on my year 12 certificate. I lost hope in myself and some teachers I had spoken to at school didn’t recommend me to continue with it either.

I reached out to Megan and told her that I was struggling and was thinking about quitting. Megan met me in webex and we talked about how I was going to catch up. Megan not only gave me the motivation to keep going, but she gave up her afternoons and weekends to help me catch up. If I ever needed help, she would email me back within the hour or so and had me scheduled in to meet online with her that week. I then realised that it was quite possibly for me to complete my diploma in time for my year 12 certificate, and that’s exactly what I did. Without Megan’s faith in me and constant reminder that she was there to help me if needed, I would have not completed my Diploma. I am very grateful for Megan and I hope that there are many more students that get the privilege to have her as their teacher.