Unexpected Results

Working with Redmako was a really genuine experience for me. My trainee has brought lots of benefits to my store.

Ryan Yusuf is the owner of Raka’s Royal Indian Cuisine at Strathpine. He currently has one trainee, Ben, a school-based trainee who is completing a Certificate III in Hospitality.

Through his traineeship, Ben has implemented five new initiatives into the restaurant:

  • Created and advertised appropriate delivery prices for restaurant orders being delivered. He took the time to source correct information on areas where restaurant orders were delivered to, ensuring the restaurant gets the money they need to cover delivery costs. Before this, the store never had any clear delivery areas or prices.
  • Customer feedback forms to help the restaurant understand their customers better.
  • Social media marketing through Facebook deals, to bring in more customers.
  • Minimum Eftpost payments sign, as this was causing some customer conflict.
  • Workplace health and safety ideas which resulted in the restaurant purchasing a new fire extinguisher.

We asked Ryan a few questions about his experience working with Redmako and having a Redmako trainee in his restaurant. Here’s what he had to say:

“Working with Redmako was a really genuine experience for me because everything was laid out beforehand, everything was on time, I was given the plan of my trainee’s study and things like that. You guys really followed the plan and I didn’t have any hiccups at all, which is really good.

My trainee’s assignments/traineeship has benefited my store as it was helpful for me for other staff just to quickly have a look at the sign. Our service was much quicker and more accurate because the service times were already on the wall. And it helped us get some more business because people can see our fees and charges and they were happy to join in. So it benefited us both ways – time wise and also business wise.

My biggest benefit in having a trainee would be that I think I also get to learn a bit more about the industry because usually I work by myself or with only a few people, but having a trainee means the training course is more in my mind. So it has helped to increase my team.

Working with the Redmako trainer was fantastic – because Deidre is always very communicative and she always lets me know when she is coming, and if it’s inconvenient timing she always makes sure that she changes the time so it is convenient for me and for her and for Ben as well. She has been fantastic.

Depending on the business it’s really worth taking Redmako trainees on board and it kind of does boost up the business as well a little bit. I would definitely recommend yes, to take them on board.”

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