A Day in the Life of a Teacher’s Aide

Have you heard of a Certificate 3 in Educational Support? What does a Teacher’s Aide job actually involve? We talked to Kelly Pears, a teacher’s aide at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, to find out what it’s like.

A teacher’s aide is an important part of classroom learning and provides the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a fulfilling job whilst working school hours. If you have a nurturing personality, then this is the job for you; assisting students with their learning. You will work mainly with children unlike most vocations. Being a teacher’s aide requires lots of patience and creativity. “The most rewarding part of the day or both the job is working with like-minded educators, having fun, and enjoying the moments with the kids where they get those sparkle brains. We call sparkle brains or rainbow brains where they just get those moments,” Kelly shares, referring to “eureka” moments that kids have as they follow along the lesson.

A Teacher’s aide provides support for students who need assistance, be it in their lessons or in coping within the classroom environment. With their support and encouragement, a student’s problem areas can be addressed immediately or potentially avoided altogether. A student may be good at Maths but struggle with Reading and Writing or perhaps with interacting with their fellow classmates. This is where a teacher’s aide comes in. Day-to-day work may include lesson preparation, room or activity setup, recording student performance, sorting student work and other forms of educational support. As a working mum Kelly, loves the challenge and variety of working as a teacher’s aide. “Every day is a different challenge, a different environment and a different perspective. It’s beneficial being a teacher’s aide because I get to then take those experiences home and teach my own children.”

“This career is ideal for anyone that wants to work with children, I believe. If you have a passion and you’re interested in building relationships with children and families, it doesn’t just teach you how to do day-to-day things. It’s a teacher’s aide or a teacher who teaches you so much more like communication, building relationships with people, overcoming adversity and dealing with challenges in everyday life.”

Working school hours as a teacher’s aide makes the work life balance much easier. Kelly shares, “It’s awesome when you have children because of the hours.” What is Kelly’s advice to those considering becoming a teacher’s aide? “Have fun and enjoy the ride!”

See the full interview with Kelly here.