Experts in the Restaurant Industry Share Restaurant Business Plan Strategies and Ideas

It is important for restaurant owners and managers to come up with an efficient and effective restaurant business plan, especially that there are so much competition in the restaurant industry today.

Aside from your passion, skills, and resources, you also need to learn from those who have successful experience in the business. Here are ten out of 126 useful planning tips and ideas from experts in the restaurant industry that you can incorporate in your restaurant planning:

Tip #8 – Consider an open kitchen

Open kitchens have become a trend these days because customers love it when the cooking process is part of their dining experience. They appreciate being able to see how their meals are prepared. Aside from assuring your customers of your kitchen’s hygiene, this setting develops trust, creates atmosphere, and further adds value to your restaurant.

Tip #15 – Do a make-or-buy analysis

You may also want to reconsider your kitchen workload by coming up with a thorough make-or-buy analysis. Make a list of which items you can make from scratch and which ones you can just purchase prepared. Aside from cutting costs, this move can also ensure a higher quality of food that you serve your customers

Tip #22 – Go easy on the discounts

Giving up on discounting will have an immediate effect on your bottom line. If you always offer discounts, what’s the point of having a regular retail price?

Discounting costs you money and it gives people the impression that your normal prices are a rip-off. Discounts will devalue your product.

Tip #30 – Keep a balanced menu

Analyse each item on your menu to figure out your major food costs and how you can make cuts. Make sure your menu has a balance of both low and high-cost items. Adjust these to meet food cost targets. Avoid high food cost items on slow months as much as possible. Here are some tips from HowCast on how to design a menu.

Tip #33 – Use Wi-Fi marketing platforms

Cody Hicks of Turnstyle shares how Wi-Fi marketing platforms can be surprisingly effective at helping restaurants build their email lists quickly.

You can get contact information from guests who sign-in to your Wi-Fi in exchange for a free wireless connection. This way, you can send out updates, messages, and coupons, giving them more reasons to keep visiting your restaurant.

Tip #59 – Get those first-time customers to come back

Train your staff to look out for first-time customers and ask these people how they discovered your business. Make sure that they receive the perfect service from your crew as it could be your first and only chance to make a good first impression.

Make sure they are greeted with a smile and give them a discount coupon they can use on their next order.

Tip #68 – Look for loyal employees

When hiring, look for candidates that have loyal work histories. Loyal employees who will stick can be trained as they will stay longer, making them worth investing time and money on.

Tip #106 – Follow HACCP principles

Make sure that everyone in your restaurant is aware of the HACCP food safety management system principles and the practices in keeping and preparing food to prevent the growth and spreading of bacteria.

Not only will these practices help ensure that the food you serve is kept sanitary, they will also minimise the risk of spoilage and cross contamination of food while in the storage, or during preparation and cooking.

Tip #122 – Invest in an efficient HVAC system

It would be smarter to invest in an efficient HVAC system that will consume less energy to heat or cool down a room. This can save on your operational budget and you wouldn’t have to disappoint customers by not being able to cool the room due to energy budgets.

Here’s a video from with different energy saving HVAC solutions that you can consider for your restaurants.

Tip #126 – Manage Kitchen Waste and Spoilage

Too much waste in the kitchen means higher food costs. That’s why it’s important to always remind your employees of the common practices that prevent food waste:

  • Store and handle food properly
  • Accurately measure portion sizes
  • Avoid preparing large quantities of food in advance
  • Avoid purchasing too much inventory.

What can we do about food waste? Fresh facts for restaurant, catering and hospitality staff.

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