Happy Australia Day: Five Awesome Last Minute Ideas for Hospitality Businesses

As Australians start planning in anticipation of Australia Day, hospitality businesses may join the revelry by incorporating the Aussie spirit into their products and services. We offer you five tips you can use to celebrate Australia’s beginnings.

1. Prepare a special menu

What’s Australia Day without food? As many are setting up their backyard barbecues, restaurants and cafés may offer classic Australian favourites and delicacies. From scrumptious snags and meat pies to delectable lamingtons, you will find that there are many options available for those looking for a real Aussie-style gastronomic experience.

If possible, you may opt for a purely Australian selection of ingredients. Take meat, for example. Why settle for plain chicken when you can serve healthier, less fatty and more Australian options like emu? With their rise in popularity nowadays, crocodile and kangaroo meats also make for excellent alternatives to conventional cuts. Don’t forget to consider barramundi, too. If you have rather adventurous customers, you may even serve witchetty grub and other not-so-usual ingredients.

2. Bring out the booze

Aussies know how to appreciate good liquor. On Australia Day 2016, many are sure to hit the pubs or celebrate with a little alcohol somewhere else. Aside from having an eclectic selection of high-quality Australian wines, you can also stock up on other classics, such as beer. Who can resist a bottle of VB on a day as fine as this?

3. Hang the flag

Celebrate the Australian nation by making the National Flag a prominent part of your business’ look for the day. You can hang the flag outside your door, near your window or in whichever part of your establishment, so long as it is given appropriate courtesy. This is a good way to commemorate the several hundred years of history that the flag symbolises.

4. Fill the air with Australian music

No celebration is ever complete without music. This Australia Day, let Australian music take the spotlight. Play classic Aussie songs or modern hits performed by Australian artists. Take the time to gather your repertoire as early as today. If you don’t have time for this or if you do not have a clear idea of what to play, you can tune in to radio stations like Triple J Hottest 100, where Aussie music are the rule.

5. Play a trivia game about Australia

Test your knowledge of everything Australian by starting a trivia game with your customers. Aside from being fun, what’s great about this game is that even kids can join in. It’s a good way to get everybody of all ages involved while keeping the occasion’s spirit alive. To raise the stakes, you can distribute little prizes for winners.

What other ideas do you have for Australia Day? Tell us at the comments below.