Is That Business Diploma Really What You Need to Boost Your Career?

The age of the “company man” is over.

Corporations no longer have as large of a need for labour. Highly skilled workers are the only ones getting traditional jobs these days, and even those are highly contested. Generic degrees, even from university, are useless to these employers.

The correct answer to, “Do you have any experience?” is NOT, “No, but I have a degree!” This is the quickest way to get shown the door.

Women are taking more responsibility for their own well-being. This is driving up the competition in the job market even more. It can be difficult to decide what to do in this environment. However, there is a tried and true solution that has helped millions of people just like you – a business degree.

In terms of general degrees, business is one of the most valuable. Everyone needs a good business person on the team, regardless of industry. Even if a company creates the best widgets in the world, they will not sell without a great sales process and proper administration.

The person organizing the business could be you, and you could be paid extremely well for it.

The New World of Business

The world of business has expanded since the days of the traditional fast-talker in a three-piece suit. Today, you can conduct business from the comfort of your home in your pyjamas. However, you need to have the credentials to bring clients to you.

A business degree is also appropriate for people in all stages of their careers. If you are just starting out, you can network with high-value decision makers if you have the right skill set. If you are experienced in a certain industry, you gain new leverage when talking to the people with the chequebook. Even senior level career people can benefit from the right business degree. Clients pay the most attention to people with quantifiable skills and the business background to make a great impression.

Finding Your Niche

Many new business people have trouble finding the industry they truly love. More importantly, that industry has to love them back – you have to actually be good at what you are doing in order to make money! This is where training makes all of the difference.

A business program is nothing without a program that trains you specifically for the industry you want. No employer has a need for a generic degree. You need to be able to produce results on day one, or else you are probably not going to get hired.

This is where a program like Redmako Learning can turn the tides of success for you. Whether you are looking for government work, work in the private sector, independent contracting or business ownership, Redmako can train you with the skill set that is in alignment with your goal.

Seeking Out the Right Training

You should never accept training from anyone who has not accomplished exactly what you are trying to do. Everything else is just theory, which may or may not work in the real world. Here are a few of the signs that you should look for in a good business training program.

  • Government certified – Government work is highly regulated work. Not only do you have to have the basic skill set, but you must also learn the proper administration skills for a job. Even if you are not looking for government work, the standard is so high that you will likely breeze through any tests that a potential employer has for you.
  • Teachers from your industry – The training program that you choose should have professors/class leaders with direct experience in your industry. Even if you haven’t chosen an industry yet, choose a training program that focuses on the industries that you are likely considering.
  • The proper resources – Technology changes in business all the time. Training programs that work with antiquated technology are putting you at a huge disadvantage when you go out to find a job. This is especially true if you are looking for jobs in software, IT or engineering. Make sure you are training on the latest and greatest.
  • Accommodating to your schedule – Most people who are looking to continue an education have responsibilities already. You should not have to sacrifice your current family, social and professional responsibilities to improve your skill set. There are too many options for online courses and time sensitive training programs. Seek them out for best results.

If you follow these best practices, you will find your way into a great training program like the Diploma of Business delivered in Virtual Reality by Redmako Learning – one that has all of the characteristics mentioned here. Competition is fierce, and employers are not accepting second best. Neither should you when you are training!