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Redmako Learning provides dynamic tailored programs for students and jobseekers to meet the needs of our large, national employer database.

At Redmako Learning we understand the conundrum – you can’t get the job because you don’t have the skills or experience, but how do you collect this without getting the job & being given the opportunity?

It’s this conundrum which lead us to develop our Pre- Employment programs to service the needs of Employers, by equipping you the job seeker with the knowledge & skills to thrive in a new job. You thriving also means the needs of the employer and their business are being met, a win / win important for all healthy & sustainable employment.

Our success is evident through the ongoing partnerships we have with the largest employment service providers in Australia. We have programs and the experience to meet the activity requirements for Job Active Providers and jobseekers, leading to long term, meaningful employment.

Who is Eligible for Hospitality Employment Programs?

To participate in our Hospitality Pre-Employment Programs you must be registered with a jobactive Provider & be an Australian Citizen.

What is the Pre-Employment Program?

The Hospitality Pre-Employment Program is delivered over 6 weeks: 2 weeks training & 4 weeks work experience.
Classroom duration is 4 days a week over 2 weeks.

Week 1

Delivery of 3 accredited units from a chosen faculty
Employability content delivered daily

Week 2

Practical experience given in a simulated work environment
Employability content delivered daily
Interview for host employer, work experience documentation paperwork completed

Week 3, 4, 5 & 6

Work experience placement at 15-20 hours a week
Placement support by Redmako Learning Placement Support Officer (contacting you twice per week)
Workplace visit in week 6 to discuss employment opportunities with employer and jobseeker
If eligible, jobseeker may commence apprenticeship/traineeship or regular employment with host employer

Next Steps

Enquire with Redmako Learning as to current Pre-Employment Programs running in your area.

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