Many of our qualifications can be turned into a dual qualification helping to boost students skills. Two of our most popular dual qualifications are Certificate III in Events + Diploma of Business and the Certificate II in Tourism + Certificate III in Events.

Benefits of dual qualifications

  • Stand out from the crowd – with a dual qualification you will always stand out from others, a dual qualification shows that you have taken the time to skill yourself in multiple areas making you are a more valuable hire than someone who has only one qualification. You could also save your future employer time and money in training you if you already have the skills and knowledge they are looking for.
  • Less time, less money – The majority of our qualifications have shared units, this reduces the amount of time you are required to complete a dual, instead of completing each course on its own. The shared units we will give you credit for so you wont have to pay for two full courses.
  • Same trainer – by completing a dual qualification you will have the same trainer for both courses helping you to feel more comfortable and supported. You will have a trainer who knows you and how you learn.
  • Prepared for the ‘real world’ – by completing a dual qualification at school this gives a big boost to students who are heading to university as they potentially can gain credit for some units helping to fast tract their University course. Students leaving school and heading right into the work force will have more skills and qualification than people their own age, companies love to take in young ambitions forward thinkers who have the potential to be moulded and progress with a good company quickly.

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