Power of Diplomas in the New ATAR Reality

Queensland education is entering the new era of the ATAR system or the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. This change means that Queensland will be aligned with the rest of Australia regarding Tertiary Admission.  According to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) website, “To be ATAR eligible, students must complete either 5 general subjects or 4 general subjects and one applied subject or VET course.” An ATAR score is computed from the results of 5 ATAR subjects or 4 ATAR subjects and one VET course. Then, it is pooled with the grades of the rest of the students from the state and scaling is applied.  No one knows how different subjects will be scaled until December 2020.  This is causing a lot of uncertainty amongst secondary schools and the teaching faculty.  An ATAR score of 80 means the student’s rank is higher than 80% of other students. A higher ranking means better opportunities for a student to get into their university of choice after Year 12.  A student who has completed a Diploma as their chosen VET course has the added back up that it may potentially scale favourably for them (than other VET courses with a lower qualification) whilst also preparing them for their future tertiary study.  

Smart choice = Diploma of Business 

 A Diploma of Business is a smart choice for students wishing to study business at university or start their own business in the future.   Scaling is still the unknown factor with the potential of individual universities treating VET courses differently to general subjects but with the right student and right institution this would be considered advantageous. Our Diploma of Business is delivered in one year and covers 8 units of competency.  If completed in Year 11 it allows the student to focus on their four remaining general subjects in Year 12 and have them well placed to achieve the ATAR score they require.  

Ease in delivery 

Our Diploma courses are delivered in virtual reality. This combines the ease of online study with the experience of collaborative classroom learning. A student can be at home, in the library or a quiet room to attend the class.  An Oculus Go VR headset is all they need. Their trainers are present in the VR class environment with them.  Students can ask questions, take an exam and participate in class discussion without leaving the comfort of their home or school campus. In a Learning Environments Research by BJ Fraser, students are found out to more likely succeed in their classes in a comfortable study environment. 

Trainers ready to assist 

Students can directly message their trainers via our Learning Management System at any time.  In fact, we have a team to accommodate each student’s needs which includes their trainer, a tutor and technical support. This means the trainer can focus on the lessons, while the student gets the support that they require to complete the course. This helps a student to focus on passing their course and getting a high ATAR without the anxiety of feeling alone or unsupported. 

We highly recommend schools to consider Redmako in helping students approach their ATAR score with confidence. For more ways we can collaborate to help our students, do not hesitate to email us.