Rebecca Osbaldiston Applies Her Passion with Redmako Learning 

Following your passion is one of the most rewarding aspirations anyone can have. For Rebecca Osbaldiston, it’s been a dream come true. Currently working toward her Certification III in Hospitality, she understands the value of creating a plan, setting goals and making things happen. 

“I’ve learned so much in this training about health and safety, dealing with customers and how to communicate with them. I’ve also learned about diversity in the workplace and the importance of teamwork.”

The sessions have been a highlight in the certification process, including teaching techniques, role playing and understanding the nuts and bolts of how the hospitality industry works. Rebecca previously worked with Eagle Boys pizza, and is currently working with Pizza Hut. As someone who already works in the industry, the training has enhanced her knowledge, especially in the areas of food preparation, various safety methods that go beyond in-house protocol, and invaluable customer relations tips and pointers on how to make sure the customers are always happy. 

The training has also been instrumental in helping define her present contributions and future aspirations for her career. Excelling in every area of the certification, her trainer and tutor provide additional insight into her capabilities and willingness to learn: 

“Rebecca is a great trainee,” says her trainer, Megan Guglielmi. “Always coming to sessions with enthusiasm and having her homework complete. She works hard to ensure she completes units and clearly understands how the units relate to her workplace. This gives her a clearer understanding and relatability to the tasks she is completing at work. By completing her units, Rebecca has a new insight into the hospitality industry and the opportunity to use her skills and knowledge in the future.” 

Not one to take her education lightly, her tutor, Kipp Martinez, has nothing but good things to say. “She regularly has her online coursework done on time and even in advance. Supporting her as a Hospitality trainee has been a breeze.”  

Rebecca plans to take her training and put it to good use by inputting more hours at work. Although stressful at times, Rebecca feels the program is worth doing when pursuing a job. Her experience with Redmako Learning was positive, and the team was always available to help. 

With Rebecca having the right foundation in hospitality, she will be able to expand her opportunities into other areas she is interested in with professionalism and great customer service.