Research Reveals Truths for QLD Hospitality Industry

Recently Redmako conducted research to investigate the quality of services provided to Queensland hospitality business owners. The results were astounding.

In all of Queensland, only one full service business brokerage firm truly specialised in business sales within the hospitality industry.

Results show that while Redmako Business Sale’s portfolio of businesses for sale are 100% hospitality businesses, 100% of the time, not one other broker spent even half of their time dedicated to the hospitality industry*.

What was most surprising, however, was that other brokers were advertising themselves as the ‘café/restaurant/hospitality’ specialist.

Here’s one definition of a ‘specialist’: “A specialist is a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity”.

We wanted Queensland business owners to know the truth: Only Redmako’s sales portfolio is filled with 100% hospitality businesses.

Following the results of the research, Redmako has launched a marketing campaign to help spread the truth amongst Queensland hospitality business owners: Only Redmako is truly Queensland’s hospitality business sales specialist.

Hospitality business owners in Queensland are encouraged to keep an eye out for the campaign which will run until 13 December.

*Disclaimer: Research conducted by Redmako. Statistics were true on the date of research.