5 Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Gone are the days when working overtime was glorified. Recent studies show that finding the right rhythm between work and leisure time is better for you all round. Here are five benefits that arise from having work and life balance.

Healthier in mind and body

According to healthdirect.gov.au, working long hours is bad for your health, stress-inducing and gives you less time to spend on personal activities like self-care or leisure. This can lead to fatigue, sleep difficulties, gastrointestinal upsets, depression, and anxiety. The long-term effects are worrisome – like high blood pressure and behavioral changes. These can be avoided by starting to build a work routine that’s not in direct conflict with your overall wellness. Habits like finishing work on time and taking regular breaks while still working hard during office hours help you strike the right balance. The sense of stability will keep you happy, and the right amount of rest will keep your body healthy.

More Family Time

Some jobs offer flexible working hours or for employees to work from home. This helps busy working parents to manage the work/family juggle. However, not everyone has the luxury of flexible working hours. It’s important to define clear boundaries around your work time so you can allow family time as well. If you work school hours, you have more time to spend with the kids. If you have your own business, you can tailor your day around your work and hopefully manage your kids’ activities, though you may need help achieving this.

Passion Projects

Outside of work, you can pursue personal projects, hobbies and other activities such as exercise or yoga. This becomes an outlet for creative expression or physical activity which may not occur in the workplace. You may even volunteer for a charity that you find worthwhile in your spare time. Ultimately, making time to pursue your interests not only makes you fulfilled, it helps keep you more content, motivated, and productive within your job.

Overall Job Satisfaction

The benefits of job satisfaction don’t just affect your personal life. It also trickles down to your workplace. Happy employees are generally both productive and loyal. You’re less likely to leave your job or be demotivated when you don’t feel overworked and unable to care for yourself holistically. Good work-life balance amongst employees may also help improve company recruitment, according to SEEK research, with employees recommending their company as a great place to work.

Making Healthier Choices

It’s no secret that stress often leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as frequently eating takeaway or comfort foods and drinking increased amounts of alcohol. This is both expensive in the short term and unhealthy; leading to longer-term issues. A balanced work-life routine allows you to make better choices when it comes to food and alcohol and therefore, budgeting choices are smarter and made deliberately. If you feel constantly tired and rushed, it can cause you to gravitate towards unhealthier, more expensive choices and activities.

Achieving a work-life balance can be impossible in the wrong job though. Don’t mistake 60-70-hour weeks for commitment, engagement, and dedication. If you find yourself working more hours in a day than is considered normal and consistently feel burnt out with no time or energy for family or for yourself, then maybe it’s time for you to consider your options and rethink your career path.

Consider working school hours in jobs such as teaching or education support. A career in education support might be the right choice for you. This allows you to have time for your own activities like exercise, childcare, and even side hustles. Who wouldn’t like to have the best of both worlds of work and personal life? Get yourself out of the full-time work rat race and design a work-life balance that works for you.