June Completions Taking the Pressure Off the End of Year 12  

Doing something last minute has become commonplace when it comes to study and school. According to abc.net.au, Year 12 students have thought of exam season as “a stressful box-ticking exercise that prize performance over mastery and data over potential.” Exams and deadlines loom above their heads, leaving them with no choice but to get through each of them in a haste. Not only is this a source of pressure and stress, but cramming everything in such a limited time often yield mediocre output and results. And while this scenario is prevalent in the workplace, it is students who undergo this vicious cycle the most. Oxford Learning cited too much homework, a heavy workload, and a lack of organization as the leading causes of stress among students. It is for these reasons why it’s crucial for teachers and school administrators to teach their students the value of starting early and providing them with the necessary support to do so.

One concrete way to do this is to opt for mid-year entry to courses that will help them reach their QCE points ahead of time. Mid-year enrolments to courses at Year 11 mean students finish two terms earlier compared to those who only enrol by the start of Year 12. Normally, those who enrol by Year 12 will have to complete their course requirements along with school deadlines by Term 3 and 4. Those who enrol mid-year at Year 11 have their school holidays to catch up on deadlines and readings, finishing by Term 2 of the following year. They can spend their Term 3 working on other assessments and focusing on their exams. Term 4, then, can be dedicated to making the best out of what’s left in their school year – may it be catching up on requirements or simply spending time with their mates.

Redmako Learning offers several courses available for mid-year entry, including Cert II Tourism + Cert III Events (combined), Diploma of Business, and Diploma of Social Media Marketing – with the latter two being offered through Virtual Reality learning. Year 11 students can choose a program that they are interested in, but Year 10 students can also benefit greatly from the head start. These courses enable students to gain more QCE points for university entry and are also targeted to help them explore possible careers in hospitality, marketing, or even in venturing in their own business.

Cert II Tourism + Cert III Events

This program provides an overview of the tourism and events industry. It introduces practical administrative skills including safety and security in the workplace, customer service, simple computing tasks, and some basic administrative tasks, as well as event management.

Diploma of Business

The Diploma of Business offers a broad spectrum of subjects that can suit a multi-skilled office manager, or someone wanting to keep their career choices open. Students learn a range of skills from risk management, operational planning, to marketing, recruitment and managing meetings, among other things.

Diploma of Social Media Marketing

The Diploma of Social Media Marketing teaches students how to become a social media expert and how to successfully develop and implement a social media marketing strategy. In the age of digital transformation, this course is ideal for those who want to pursue a career in a high-demand industry and increase their social media marketing knowledge and experience.

How to Enrol

Schools can simply contact Redmako Schools Account Manager. The Redmako team in charge will then provide the VR headsets, an online learning system, and a trainer who specializes in the course.

There are a number of options for mid-year entry depending on the students’ needs and interests. When you’re ready to partner with us, leave us a message or a comment below! We hope it’s sooner, rather than later. Help your students make the most out of their remaining terms in high school. Don’t forget the old adage – it’s the early bird who gets the worm! ?