Schools Team

Celeste Grice

Schools Account Manager

I want to care for your school and students! Each day I’m out pounding the pavement, networking with businesses or providing training solutions to your school and students. I am focused on your schools’ training needs and I’m here to solve all your problems.  I love what I do, creating opportunities for young people and supporting them along their pathway to success. It is truly inspirational!  

Liz Nicholson

Schools Account Manager

Working as an Educational Leader and Director of an Outside Hours School Care for the past 6 years as well as growing up as a principal’s kid, I have a thorough understanding of the school system.  I’m passionate about helping students to find where they fit in the world, I’m excited to start creating opportunities for students to kick start their future before finishing high school, helping them to find the career they want to pursue. 

Joanne Monk

Programs & Training Support Coordinator

The privilege to be influential in helping shape the VET Training landscape in schools is pretty special to me! I love working with young people and really helping them find another route to success and achievement that they may not have previously considered. Learning can take many forms, but I love the hands-on and practical nature of vocational training. Curating awesome resources & equipping trainers to give students the chance to thrive and really grow their skills and confidence in my daily pursuit. My team of trainers are wonderfully passionate and we can’t wait to influence your students! 

Dani Ibay

Schools Coordinator

Working with students and business owners in the past couple of years has made me realise that getting young people on track is something that I am passionate about. I’ve been helping students get started on their careers in the Hospitality business through traineeships and apprenticeships. As I embark on this new role, I can feel that I play a bigger role in helping out schools and students the best possible way I can. 

Megan Gugliemi


Hi my name is Megan and I am a qualified chef and trainer for Redmako Learning. I love teaching about the hospitality industry as it is so interesting and fun to be a part of. 

Megan Sloan


Megan has over 20 years experience in business; both small and large, and has a Degree in Business Management/Human Resource Management, as well as Diploma’s in Business, Event Management, and Hospitality, as well as her TAE. From working in large government agencies to building her own empire from the ground up, she is your go-to business guru. 

Nadene Hinchco


Nadene is a Travel and Tourism industry expert with almost 20 years experience in the industry. 

She has won awards for runner up Travel Consultant of the Year nationwide in New Zealand twice, very early on in her career and continued to improve in her role. 

She has event experience and extensive travel experience and holds her Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management as well as her TAE. 

Nadene has been teaching full time for 4 years and has a wealth of knowledge from consultant, trainer, and team leader/manager to teacher. 

She is very passionate about tourism and events and if you are wanting to get into this industry you have chosen the right teacher! 

Michelle Lockyear


Michelle has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, working within hotels, clubs, and restaurants in front of house and management roles. Michelle has a Diploma in Hospitality Management, along with her TAE and has been training hospitality for the past 10 years, within classroom environments and with school-based trainees out in the community. With her many years of experience within the industry, Michelle is our ‘Go-To’ for everything hospitality! 

Rudi Tartaglia


Rudi Tartaglia has worked in the areas of marketing since 1998, He has experience across a diverse range of industries such as retail, franchise, e-commerce, financial services, mining, publishing, law, biotech, and health insurance, just to name a few. Rudi holds a Master’s Degree in Political Marketing, Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Diploma in Business, Diploma in Management, Diploma in Marketing, Advance Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Finance, and is also a nationally-accredited business trainer. 

Roumel Sy


Hi my name is Roumel! I have been working with Redmako for 4 years now and have been the school/ student ambassador for around 3 years— closely working with school HODs, principals, ILOs and VETs, guidance councilors, et al. This year, I have moved onto the training team and have taken on the role of Diploma (VR) Tutor. now, I closely work with students doing diploma courses in VR.  Talk about going full circle! I have also just finished my Masters in Business Administration last year-— all the more reason for me to be excited and happy to share the learnings I have had for the past years! 

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