Dancing Chefs Extraordinaire! (Plus Other Great Ways to Stand Out in Business)

Becoming – and remaining – a prominent and dominant force in the crowded world of business can be quite tricky. This always holds true, whether you are just starting your own business or already own a successful restaurant or cafe in your area. Unfortunately, with the sheer number of businesses all vying for the attention (and patronage) of consumers, it is quite easy for some businesses to get swept away by customers in favour of more well-known establishments.

True business success involves developing ways to stand out from all the other businesses that offer similar services and products yours does. Thus, developing a strong marketing strategy involves creating compelling reasons for consumers to spend their money with your business instead of someone else’s. Fortunately, while meeting this goal might prove to be challenging, it’s certainly not impossible. Simply keep these six Cs in mind to create your own identity and leave your brand’s mark on the industry (and in the minds of consumers):

  • Creativity. The easiest way to NOT be noticed is to do exactly the same things they’re all doing. Try to think of innovative ways to deliver your products and services – for example, use eye-grabbing packaging for your goods or develop an unconventional (but not ugly) store layout. Get a good grasp of the staples of your business and put a unique spin on them.
  • Communication. Knowing how to reach your audience is just as important as striving to give them the best service. Make use of social media to generate buzz and develop a strong following online. With a Facebook or Twitter account, you can reach a wide audience almost instantly. Post inspiring quotes, amusing photos or even promotional videos for your business, and leave a good impression on your consumer base.
  • Courage (or sometimes, even craziness). Don’t be afraid to try new things for your business, even if it means moving out of your comfort zone and engaging in brave acts of showmanship. As an example, here’s a recent video we took that features a group of chefs dancing out of the kitchen and entertaining their patrons – certainly a sure way to stand out from the average venue! A bit of effort and a dash of good humour go a long way. Who could argue that this will be one experience customers won’t be forgetting any time soon?
  • Convenience. Another way to make your customers remember you is to ensure that your establishment is a place they would want to keep coming back to. Attract tech-savvy customers with free WiFi, decorate your walls with artwork, play relaxing music in the background or put up attractive display pieces. Turn every visit into an enjoyable experience for your guests, and you’ll certainly see a spike in customer loyalty.
  • Competitiveness. Offer what other businesses don’t. For example, if you’re running a bar or cafe, add more options to your selection of beverages, hold promotional events or adopt a ‘reward system’ for loyal customers. You could even set up a ‘special activity’ night on certain dates of the month to drive interest and participation up.
  • Commitment. Of course, good business ideas are nothing without solid execution. Maximise your hospitality industry training and out-of-the-box ideas by developing a consistent profile. For all of your creativity and surprises, there should be one thing that your customers can always count on you to deliver – consistent, reliable service.

Oh, and here’s a seventh C to truly give you an edge over your competitors: Click here to visit our website to find more about the specialised learning & business sales services we offer for hospitality businesses.