Increased Government Focus on Qualifications of Hospitality Supervisors

Redmako Learning has launched a new program to assist Queensland hospitality businesses in ensuring their supervisors, managers and staff are formally qualified. The new Certificate III in Hospitality Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a response to the growing focus the QLD Department of Employment, Small Business and Training is placing on supervisory requirements for trainees and apprentices.

To date, adequate work experience has been enough to qualify a trainee supervisor, but into the future ‘previous work experience’ may no longer meet the minimum supervisory requirements of accredited qualifications. This growing pressure could mean a longer and more difficult process for business owners wishing to have trainees in their store – which is where Redmako comes in.

Redmako Learning’s Certificate III in Hospitality RPL program is focused on helping businesses ensure their staff are formally qualified for their supervisory roles.

Redmako Learning General Manager Reuben Brennan said the RPL program would allow employees to have their work experience formally recognised through an extremely simple process.

“The Redmako RPL process is very cost-effective, quick and easy for everyone involved, and will make life so much easier for business owners in the future when they’re ready to have trainees in their store,” Mr Brennan said.

“RPL is really about getting official recognition for all the years of experience you and your staff have,” he said.

“Another benefit of the RPL program is that we can identify gaps in team members’ experience or knowledge, fill those gaps, and basically make sure all your team are at the same high level.”

“It’s a win-win for business owners, employees and our hospitality industry as whole.”

Redmako Learning’s RPL program consists of four steps:

  1. Staff members complete an Expression of Interest form and are checked for eligibility.
  2. Once signed up, staff members undertake one or two interviews with a Redmako Hospitality Trainer and Assessor.
  3. Staff then submit any required evidence or reports to help prove their experience, and our Redmako Hospitality Trainer and Assessor will contact references.
  4. Redmako Learning will issue staff members their Qualifications and Statement of Attainments for a Certificate III in Hospitality.

For more information and to have your supervisors formally qualified, please call Redmako Learning today on (07) 3339 1400.