88.23% of Diploma of Business Students Graduated in 2018

Our main goal is to see students’ complete whichever course they choose and help them attain the benefits of why they enrolled.  Whether their goal is to meet their QCE points requirement, boost their Tertiary Entrance Rank or prepare them for the workforce, we make it our mission to assist students the best way we can. We attribute our success to the method in which we deliver our Diploma of Business course. 

Dedicated Trainers 

Once a student enrols, they have access to professional trainers to assist them with their study and assignments included in each lesson. Our trainers are ready to help a student to achieve their best; from setting up the VR (virtual reality) gear to completing a complex class activity. Students can directly message their trainers via our Learning Management System at any time.  In fact, we have a team to accommodate each student’s needs which includes their trainer, a tutor and technical support. This means the trainer can focus on the lessons, while the student gets the support that they require to complete the course. 

Easy to access lessons

Our Learning Management System allows the student to access the lessons 24/7 and complete the activities at their own pace and time. They have one set class time and one tutorial each week. If a student is busy one week with other pressing deadlines, they can catch up on their Diploma of Business assessments on the weekend or during a free study period.   The only requirement is that the student finish the course in 1 year.  That’s how flexible studying with Redmako can be. 

Delivered in Virtual Reality 

The Diploma of Business class is offered in Virtual Reality.  This combines the ease of online study with the experience of collaborative classroom learning. A student can be at home, in the library or a quiet room to attend the class.  An Oculus Go VR headset is all they need. Tech savvy, it also provides learners with the ability to network with other students from all over Australia in the same class. This exposes them to new people with new ideas and cultural backgrounds. They can meet students with like-minded aspirations.  They can trade business ideas and tips amongst their peers in the lounge area or discuss concepts in the boardroom. Their trainers are present in the VR class environment with them.  Students can ask questions, take an exam and participate in class discussion without leaving the comfort of their home or school campus.  See how easy it is?