Twitter – Is It Relevant to My Business?

Twitter is the supporting actor of social media. Facebook and Instagram are both getting special attention from brands with advertising and imagery, while LinkedIn is the go-to for businesses and professionals. Twitter, on the other hand, is more taxing to maintain. It follows a similar yet more fast-paced algorithm than Facebook. The composition of messages is more limited, allowing only 280 characters per Tweet. This means marketers need to be adept in a creative way of writing copy. Still, Twitter marketing remains a facet that businesses must care for. According to Social Media News, there are 4,700,000 monthly active Australian Twitter users. If done correctly, Twitter can propel your business awareness and customer satisfaction to great heights. Why so? We list down some of the ways business owners can utilise Twitter for their business. 

Twitter allows for faster customer feedback

Before anything else, businesses must ensure that they are using the correct Twitter handle. It must be short, close to the business name known to customers and easy to remember. Companies like Redmako just use their brand name as a Twitter handle. This allows clients to tag the business easily when they want to get response or share feedback. Most users tweet real-time so having an interactive and engaged customer representative managing Twitter is a must. A giant marketing catastrophe can be avoided if there’s someone answering tweets and addressing concerns during peak hours of social traffic. 

A Twitter list allows you to separate the Twitter accounts you follow into groups

Following back your clients makes them feel included. Businesses can take it up a notch by creating lists, separating potential clients, clients and competitors into a list of their own. This means a marketer can separate content depending on the audience they want to engage with. What are clients saying about the service they receive? That’s one list of their own. Where can I find ways to tap into a new market? That’s another list. 

Copies are bound to get creative

With a 280-character count limit, copies are bound to get creative to utilise each character. Unclear captions, unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, and incorrect punctuation must be weeded out before sending out a tweet.  

Links drive traffic to YouTube and websites

With creative copy comes amazing content. Businesses can add variety to tweets by using Giphy, linking videos and articles and uploading photos. These materials can be posted with a variety of captions and styles, appealing to different audiences. These tweets will ultimately drive clicks and views to other sites where potential clients can be retargeted. 

Join in on relevant conversation through hashtags

Content is king, but it can be a waste if it doesn’t reach the relevant audience. Through hashtags, businesses can join relevant conversation and inject their product into the thread. For example, a ride sharing app can pitch in a conversation about traffic or morning routines to tap professionals going to work.