Facebook Page Health Check for Hospitality Businesses

Have your expectations of the grand Facebook let you down? It’s the platform with promises, but too many hospitality businesses are struggling to see real results and benefits from using it. If this is you, you may need to do a ‘health check’ of your Facebook page.

Are you ‘socially awkward’?

In other words, do you have conversations with people, or are you just one of those people that always talks about themselves all the time? You know the sort of person I’m talking about…the one we all want to avoid. A business Facebook page is no different – social rules still apply.

Are you ‘stingy’?

In other words, are you always worried about money? So often I see posts which are essentially ‘I want you to come to my store to spend money’. Yes, you’re doing it to increase sales and it’s occasionally ok to talk about it. But no, it’s not socially ok to always ask your friends for money. Sure, tell people about amazing deals and coupons and things you’ve got happening, but do it because you are offering them something, not because you want them to give yousomething.

Are you ‘a besty’?

In other words, are you after a long term relationship or is it just a fling? Ok, in other, other words, do you treat people like you’re going to know them for a long time? Or do you treat them like a random customer who simply exists to be a customer? If a customer comments on your Facebook page, do you reply to end the conversation, or continue it? Or worse, do you not reply at all?

Are you ‘generous’?

In other words, do you give to your followers, or are you always taking? Giving comes in many forms – a discount, a coupon, a smile, a laugh, an inspiring picture, an encouraging word…be creative. Before publishing, do you read each post and ask ‘what is the value in this post for my reader’? Or put another way – if this post came up in my feed from another business, would I appreciate it?

Are you ‘likeable’?

Being likeable isn’t always about being cool, hip or trendy (though it can help). Sometimes it’s just about being fun to be with, interesting to talk to, nice to be around, and leaving people with the thought of ‘I like that person’. So, is your business page likeable?

So, how did you rate? If all is A-Ok with your Facebook health – keep persisting! If not, then try giving some of these ideas a go and see if your page’s health starts to pick up.