QLD Hospitality Industry Served a New World-Class Website

Queensland hospitality professionals were offered the opportunity to experience first-class service this week with the launch of Brisbane-based Redmako’s innovative new website. The website featured beautiful design and imagery aimed to delight its readers, an easy-to-use interface, and exciting opportunities not yet announced to the general public. Redmako Director Anthony Rice said the website was an opportunity to bring an exciting, world-class experience to QLD’s hospitality industry.

“This website has been in the making for a very long time now,” Mr Rice explained.

“The QLD hospitality industry is used to the ‘daily grind’ – literally – they’re always serving others, always working the hard hours so that everyone else can enjoy the top-quality experience they offer,” he said.

“Well we believe they deserve a bit of that top-quality experience themselves – they deserve the best, and so we bring the best.”

“This website is our love letter to QLD’s hospitality industry, saying ‘You’re worth it, you’re amazing, and we will always be here for you.’”

Redmako’s website, which was a year in the making, launched early this week and is currently in the ‘first release’ stage, where all systems are tested and perfected. 

To find out more about Redmako’s unique approach to supporting QLD’s hospitality industry, visit Redmako Difference page.