Redmako’s Top Food Blogs

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Redmako recently picked its top food blogs for March 2015. Spoil your palate and your eyes because these interesting food blogs will add flavours to your food adventures.

  • Claire K Creations

    Claire K Creations shares a lot of information about kitchen and food inspirations. Claire K has some fantastic food ideas that Redmako really loves.

  • The Old Foodie

    The Old Foodie is a convenient way to know the history of your favourite daily recipes. Food stories is what it’s all about, and that’s what Redmako likes about it.

  • Orgasmic Chef

    Great food photos of well-prepared food. The Orgasmic Chef really sets you up for food ecstasy.

  • Economies of Kale

    Creativity in food preparation gets Economies of Kale on the Redmako list of top food blogs. Great food on a limited budget makes Economies of Kale standout.


    Kerry is a food column and feature stories writer. She travels and shares her food explorations and adventures in her blog.

  • A Splash of Vanilla

    This blog by Emma from Brisbane presents delicious recipes and attractive food images mixed with her interests in film, music,  and digital photography.

  • Tiffin

    Tiffin shares outstanding food journeys of Fiona and her friends. The mix between food, cooking, eating, and other adventures will keep you equal parts entertained and inspired.

  • Strayed from the Table

    Strayed from the Table gained the interest of Redmako because of their self-sufficient food gathering and farming ideas. Lizzie did a wonderful job of making food, travel and farm living so much fun!

  • The Cook’s Notebook

    The Cook’s Notebook, by Mel Kettle, is an awesome blog about food and journeys searching for great recipes and ingredients.


The love and passion for food and hospitality make these blogs really awesome.

You, too, can share your own experiences and skills through blog writing. You can deepen your knowledge about great food and wonderful experiences when you spend time with food and hospitality professionals.

Hit the comments below and share with us your own favourite food blogs.

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