The Benefits of Training your Employees

A trained employee is a productive employee!

Training your staff is the sure fire way of giving them the essential skills to be successful and to effectively contribute to your business. The main benefit of training is improved productivity and service quality to your customers from your highly-skilled staff.  These improvements often translate to increased profitability for your business. As a business owner, you will be better set-up for future business success when you invest in training your staff.

It’s important to note that amazing incentives can be earned by your business through staff training. To encourage employers to train staff, both the State & Federal Governments offer attractive incentives which are readily available to you. Registered training organizations (RTO), like Redmako, can help you access these incentives.

We’ve interviewed some business owners and trainees about the benefits of training and here are some of the wonderful answers that will help convince you that training will benefit both your business and your employees.

Lily Li, a former trainee, responded about her experience as a trainee during her employment.

“Many unnecessary mistakes can be avoided. As for me, I participated in many programs myself, when I started working, I felt involved, and prepared for many coming problems.  I also felt less worried and had more time to come up with more creative ideas.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Dan Lee, manager of a technological consultancy responded that staff is the most important asset of the business.

“Staff are absolutely a business’ most important asset. In the same way that you invest in IT, vehicles and property to improve them, keep them current, etc. you must do the same with your team.”

Furthermore, Mr. George Plakidas, a businessman, responded with his brief insight about training your employees.

“- they work better
– (they don’t need) more training (as) they understand what they have to do
– less problems / mistakes at work”

Many business owners and parents encourage students to complete a traineeship part time while they’re still at school. This provides them with more employment opportunities when they finish school. Full-time employees can also complete traineeships to further enhance their skills and experience. Training helps your employees to grow professionally, while you get the associated benefits of increased productivity and profitability.

It truly is the best of both worlds: you help your staff develop their career and at the same time gain access to available funding that can help boost your business. Training your employees is a guaranteed way of improving your business.

Training with Redmako

Redmako offers government-funded traineeship and apprenticeship programs tailor-made for your business requirements.

Business owners and trainees that have experienced Redmako training have been happy to share their life changing stories while training and recommend Redmako to their friends and family.

Sarah Chemello, a former Redmako trainee, says:

“The biggest benefit of doing a traineeship is the confidence in knowing that the job you are doing is going to be done right because you have the required skills and are properly informed. If other students or employees were considering training with Redmako I’d tell them to go for it.”

Ryan Yusuf, a business owner, had this to say about Redmako:

“Working with Redmako was a really genuine experience for me because everything was laid out beforehand, everything was on time, I was given the plan of my trainee’s study and things like that.

My biggest benefit in having a trainee would be that I think I also get to learn a bit more about the industry because usually I work by myself or with only a few people, but having a trainee means the training course is more in my mind.”

Training employees truly makes a difference.

Redmako is committed to helping business owners experience growth in the hospitality industry through traineeship and apprenticeship programs.

About Redmako

Redmako Learning is your local hospitality training specialist. We are the most widely used Registered Training Organization (RTO) in the hospitality business industry. We deliver training in the workplace for school-based and non-school-based staff and students that’s fully or partially funded by the government.

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