Store Interiors Influence Buying Behaviour

Designing your restaurant’s interior is not only for your personal preference. Believe it or not, there are interior designs that influence your customer’s buying behaviour.

These are some quick tips for your interiors that will surely attract customers:

Hey, Window Display

Window Displays are your frontline promotions. Make your customers crave for your delicious menu and new products. Make your displays eye-catching with bold colours and shapes.Change your window displays from time to time to fit a certain season and events. You must have ample lighting and enough space for your displays to make it a real head turner.

Surprise your customers with your creativity and don’t be afraid to experiment with unique designs and gimmicks. Create an air of anticipation such that passers-by form a habit of looking at your window display every time they pass to be inspired by an out-of the-box and awesome marketing idea.

There’s more to your Floors

Don’t take your floor design for granted. In fact, your floors can affect the experience of your customers.   The colour and texture of your floors can impress your customers as they enter your door. Comfortable flooring makes them stay longer and order more products from you.

According to a study by the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, the feeling customers get from a store’s flooring can affect how a product or a meal makes them feel, which in turn determines whether they will buy it again or not.

Spice up with Colors

In a study from the Color Marketing Group, 85 percent of the reason why people buy one product over another is because of colour.

It’s not limited to the colour of your menu or your meals, but also to the colours surrounding it.

The chosen colours of your shop’s interior must be comforting and relaxing.  A comfortable and relaxed customer is more likely to try your new products and purchase more compared to an excited and uneasy customer.

The colours of your store defines your style and suggest a price point. It also transmits a positive ambience for purchase. Orange sends a happy mood for customers while white paint makes your store really inviting. White can also instantly make your store charming and cosy.

Store interiors tell a story. It gives that unique experience to your customers that every time they visit your store they will feel that they’re in their happy place, a place that they feel important, they feel relaxed and they feel like inviting their friends with them.

So the next moment a customer steps into your store, let your wonderful interiors make a statement about your products and services.  If it doesn’t reflect this currently, consider what you could do or if you have a refurb coming up, get involved in planning and designing to ensure your interior favourably influences the buying behaviour of your customers!

Do you have anything to share about your restaurants and cafes interiors.

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