Getting Qualified through Redmako Training

More often than not, it’s hard to find a part-time job that will help you fast-track your career and unleash your full potential.

Fortunately, a few industries offer the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and earn just like many young people in Australia. The hospitality industry is one such industry. If you want to make it big in the hospitality industry someday, or you think that hospitality runs through your veins, it’s your lucky day! This article helps you to find out how you can get this opportunity.

Traineeships through Redmako Learning

There are Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) like Redmako Learning that offer on-the-job traineeship and apprenticeship programs in hospitality.

Who says learning is boring? It doesn’t have to be! With Redmako Learning, you can forget about thick textbooks. You will have hands-on learning on your workplace, not in a boring classroom. Many young people like yourself enjoy the experience of this kind of traineeship. Just take a look at these trainee testimonials.

Redmako traineeship programs are nationally-recognised which means that you can:

  • Earn while you learn! (8-15 working hours per week on the average)
  • Achieve nationally-recognised certification (Cert III in Hospitality or Commercial Cookery)
  • Gain 8 QCE points that improves your chance to get into a university
  • Get trained for FREE! Training fees are subsidised by the government, trainees pay nothing.

Who can apply for Redmako Traineeships?

There are different training and funding opportunities depending on individual eligibility. The criteria for government subsidies are as follows:

  • School students in Grades 10-12
  • Non-School based employees
  • Australian citizenship

The Redmako Recruitment Process

Ms. Maria Syyap, the Recruitment Specialist of Redmako Learning, describes the Redmako recruitment process as follows:

  1. Fill-out the Expression of Interest (EOI) form
    The Expression of Interest (EOI) form must be filled out by the applicants for training. The EOI form is available on Redmako’s website. After that, Redmako will notify the school, the parents, or the business owner through email about the submission of the EOI form.
  2. Send EOI Form to the Apprenticeship Centres
    The EOI will now be sent to Apprenticeship Centres so they can check if the applicant is eligible to undertake the course. They will also check if the applicant has done any Certification training and if there’s anything that might compromise the eligibility in government funding.If everything goes well, the Apprenticeship Centre will contact the student, the parents, and the store owner to schedule a “Sign up Day”
  3. The Sign up Day
    Everybody must be present for the sign-up day. The turn-around time to get this scheduled depends on the availability of all parties involved. Everything will be discussed during the sign up meeting – from the employers’ responsibilities to the required work hours of student trainees.
  4. Redmako Learning, the SRTO
    After the sign up, the EOI will be handed to a Supervising Registered Training Organization such as Redmako Learning.The Australian Apprenticeship Centre will instruct the SRTO to create a training plan for the student / applicant.
  5. Enjoying the Experience
    After the previous stages, the applicant can begin the Redmako hospitality training programme.Redmako offers these Certification Programmes:
  • SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality
  • BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

On Life-Changing Traineeships with Redmako

Success is a choice. As a young and promising individual, you have the power to choose your path to achieve your goals and aspirations in life. For some, it’s a long road ahead, but Redmako Learning lends a helping hand to young people like you to lead you to an easier path to fast-track your career with hospitality traineeships. Redmako’s recruitment process is tailor-made for you to experience life-changing traineeships. Who says learning is boring? With Redmako Learning, it’s interesting.

About Redmako

Redmako Learning is your local hospitality training specialist. We are the most widely used Registered Training Organization (RTO) in the hospitality business industry. We deliver training in the workplace for school-based and non-school-based staff and students that’s fully or partially funded by the government.

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