6 Signs You Will Be Successful In The Hospitality Industry

As a senior student you’re probably worried about exams and what the future will hold, like where you’re going to be in five years and what you’ll be doing.

Perhaps you’ve already had some careers advice or taken an online personality test to get a few ideas but have you considered the hospitality industry? There are loads of great reasons to work in hospitality, let’s take a look at 6 signs the industry could be the rewarding career you’re looking for.


Plenty of students enter the hospitality and tourism industry on the side during further education and the grounding and experience they gain is often invaluable as they transition into a different career. However, there is a world of opportunity beyond those entry level summer jobs and promotions can come thick and fast for those with the dedication, ambition and determination to succeed.


Every country in the world has a hospitality industry (even North Korea!). What you learn in Queensland will be relevant in London, Paris, New York, Milan, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Barcelona… you get the picture. Experience in hospitality can open a lot of doors and you’ll get to work with people of all different cultures and broaden your horizons in a multitude of ways.

You’re also not tied down to one job – most employers in hospitality will encourage you to learn new skills and expand your experiences. Better still, the skills you’ll pick up are transferrable to many other industries should you ever get bored which is highly unlikely.


Every interaction in hospitality is an opportunity to make someone’s day. You are responsible for the happiness of your customers and when your customers are happy, you’re happy.


Doing the same mundane thing day in day out isn’t for everyone. Power to those who enjoy that kind of thing, but that’s not you. You like to mix things up and live each day differently. The beauty of hospitality is the variety both in the hours and the work you’re doing. No two days are the same and that’s a guarantee.

As long as there are people and food there will be hospitality jobs. Hospitality is one of the most stable industries and providers of lasting and solid careers. It’s easier to get a foot in the door than you might think with plenty of traineeships and apprenticeships available.


Hospitality is an industry of creativity and whether it’s an amazing meal or an event to plan you’ll get the chance to use your creativity no matter your level.


A dull annual office party is not a perk. Real perks are the kind you get when you work in hospitality. Remember, your job is to help customers enjoy themselves – that means you have to enjoy yourself.

The pay is competitive and it’s common to have results based bonuses but that pales in comparison to what a network of friends in the industry can do for you. Discounted (or free) flights, mates rates on hotel rooms around the world, complementary tickets to the best shows, reservations at top restaurants – the opportunities are endless.

If this is you then planning a career in hospitality is a good, viable starting point. Connect with our recruitment team to explore student vacancies for hospitality businesses in Queensland and learn about the great career you could build in hospitality.