Wanna Get a Head Start Even Before Graduation? A Hospitality Traineeship May Just Be What You Need.

Surely you can’t help but ask a few questions now that Grade 12 graduation is just around the corner. How’s life like outside school? What are the chances of getting into university?

A good way to answer those questions is by having some real life learning experience outside class. Getting some paid learning experience can open plenty of opportunities for you – both for university and a career. Not to mention, you’ll be stoked with the extra cash you get to earn while at it!

So if you agree that getting paid learning experience is an ace idea, why not take a look at hospitality traineeships? The kind of skills you learn working part-time in a hospitality establishment – a café, a bar or a restaurant,  are pretty much universal. Customer service? Check! Multitasking, problem-solving? Too right! Cultural awareness, numerical abilities, etc., these are things employers definitely want to see.

Here are more reasons why a hospitality traineeship gives you a good start for any kind of career you wanna pursue in the future:

Boosts Your chances at Getting into Uni

Having work experience raises the chances of getting into the course you want. There’s no need to worry about what to put in those essays and information sheets anymore. You can mention your work experience and it’s even better if you can explain your tasks and responsibilities in good detail. Now, you got plenty to chat about during the admission interview. Sounds good, right?

A Great Way to Meet New Friends

It’s always good to go beyond your circle and increase your connections a little bit more – what better way to do this than through a new, exciting part-time stint? Gaining more friends (and quite possibly new mentors) can also help you when you start to look for connections after graduation. These are people you can include as personal references in your resume. One of them might even be the person to introduce you to your dream job a few years from now. You’ll never know.

You Become the Best Version of Yourself! 

Yeah, yeah, it’s defo cheesy… but  gaining experience really does help you in developing the right character traits in order to become successful in life. Good communication skills, perseverance, responsibility, alertness, and critical thinking are things you’ll pick up when you work for a bustling hospitality biz such as a café, a pizzeria or a fastfood joint. The fast-paced environment can be quite challenging but at the end of the day, you’ll feel fulfilled with a smile on your face.

It Teaches You About the Real World 

Not that algebra and biology aren’t useful – but real life experience can teach you practical, day-to-day skills that aren’t normally discussed during class. You learn how to get along with all kinds of people, no matter how quirky they are. You’ll also know more about the art of compromising and the science of time-management. Plus, if you will work in a café, you’ll learn how to make a mean cuppa that you can impress your family and friends with! But seriously, all the practical things you’ll learn are priceless.

Money, Money, Money

There’s plenty of you who don’t need any more convincing as long as you hear that there’s the chance to earn some money. But, actually, it’s beyond that. Getting a part-time, real-life working experience can allow you to save up for a new car or your first holiday – all the things you want, and that’s a good thing. However, what is more important is that you start to learn to appreciate the value of the earned dollar. How to manage your finances is a crucial skill to learn in life. It will be a great help to you for the years to come.

So there, a hospitality traineeship may be just what you need if you want to gain a head start for graduation – and not just that, but also for your future in general. There’s really nothing to lose but so much to gain. If you wanna find out if taking a hospitality traineeship is the right step for you, take our quick and easy questionnaire to find out if a hospitality traineeship is right for you. It’s not even 5 minutes, so more time for you to get back onto Facebook! Cheers!

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