5 Tips to Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

Customers each have a different story to tell. Some may be having a crappy day while some may be having the best day of their life. In the hospitality industry, you meet people from different walks of life; people who for some reason or another, chose to spend time in your restaurant or café. Every day is a chance to appreciate your customers and in the process, retain them.

There are a number of ways to retain customers, but you do no wrong by making them feel special. Here are great ways to do just that:

Always Smile 

This very simple gesture can make your customer feel special and will have a big impact on how your customer will perceive your restaurant/café.

Make it fun 

Turn your restaurant or café into a place where customers can have fun or relax and unwind. Try adding small decors or trinkets to change the atmosphere of your restaurant. You can also try organising simple events every now and then for a breath of fresh air. Use your creativity and make the most out of every day.

Say “thank you” 

A small expression of thanks can show customers, especially your loyal patrons, that you appreciate them. Make them feel special by going the extra mile. A discount on their next visit or a side dish on the house are only some of the ways you can express your gratitude.

Appreciate customer feedback 

Listen when your customers give you suggestions on how to improve your business. Think of it as an opportunity to improve your restaurant or café. Suggestion boxes and social media are convenient channels for your customers’ and will spare you from having to ask them one by one.

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Reward your staff 

Your staff is one of the most important assets in your restaurant or café. They come in contact with the customer first and the type of service they deliver is a reflection of your business. In order to give the best service, it’s best to nurture your employees through recognition and proper training. When they see that you appreciate all the hard work they do, they will strive to work better.

Whether a patron or a first-timer, your customers will appreciate your effort to elevate their experience even through the smallest ways. Your hard work and gratitude will do so much for your business and when expressed the right way, can even boost your sales and client retention.

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