50 Business Ideas for People Who Love Facebook

Facebook isn’t only the world’s top social media website and home to billions of likes, comments, and shares – it is the 4th most valuable brand in the world. It is also a place for numerous business and money-making opportunities. If you want to learn how you can make money from Facebook or you’re looking […]

Our Diploma Graduates Where Are They Now?

Have you been considering studying a Diploma in Virtual Reality with Redmako? Are you concerned about the online learning experience or perhaps the cost of the course? We recently interviewed two of our Diploma Graduates one school-based trainee and one non-school based trainee about how they found studying with Redmako in Virtual Reality.  These are […]

7 Reasons Why People Choose Diplomas over Degrees

A group of students taking up a vocational course

The world is changing rapidly, and today’s job market and workforce hustle to keep up. Need to upskill quickly to receive that promotion or opportunity? More frequently, people are choosing study options they can fit around their work, family and personal lives. They need practical skills they can implement immediately to stay current.    Vocational education […]

Why Patience is key in Business and Marketing

A business man looking at his watch while waiting

Why Patience is key in Business and Marketing When students first enrol in any of our Business and Marketing Qualification courses, they always ask what quality is the most important for a business owner or marketer to possess. There are plenty of great answers to this question; passion, creativity, and willingness to take risks are […]

Dual Qualification Equals Increased Career Opportunities

Female speaking in front of an audience regarding Certificate II in Tourism and Certificate III in Events

This year at Miami High School, Cheryl Yamazaki is delivering in conjunction with Redmako a Certificate II in Tourism and Certificate III in Events over two years. We caught up with Cheryl to find out how the students are finding the course and what her plans are for next year. How are the students responding […]

A Day in the Life of an Events Professional

The Diploma of Event Management prepares students for a wide range of career paths. These range from conference and event coordinators, event or exhibition planner, staging coordinator, venue coordinator, function manager, the list goes on. According to the training.gov.au website “Events, today are diverse in nature, and a Diploma in Event Management prepares you to […]

8 Passion Projects You Can Turn Into Profit

Hobbies can be expensive with speciality equipment and costly classes, but they can also be profitable given the right avenue. You don’t need to make a rash career change. People often start with turning their passion projects into a side hustle to augment their salary. Millennials, in fact, are starting businesses at younger ages than those of the previous generations, according to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report. With […]

Working Parent Life: Striking a Balance

Parents these days feel the pressure to have a fulfilling career and maintain a great work life balance at the same time.   In order to get a clearer picture of this all too common predicament, we sat down with Julie, a working mum of 2 kids.  How does she manage to juggle raising small children while earning enough to share the family’s financial load? Guess […]

88.23% of Diploma of Business Students Graduated in 2018

Our main goal is to see students’ complete whichever course they choose and help them attain the benefits of why they enrolled.  Whether their goal is to meet their QCE points requirement, boost their Tertiary Entrance Rank or prepare them for the workforce, we make it our mission to assist students the best way we […]

Twitter – Is It Relevant to My Business?

Twitter is the supporting actor of social media. Facebook and Instagram are both getting special attention from brands with advertising and imagery, while LinkedIn is the go-to for businesses and professionals. Twitter, on the other hand, is more taxing to maintain. It follows a similar yet more fast-paced algorithm than Facebook. The composition of messages is more limited, allowing only 280 characters per Tweet. This […]