Social Media Marketing Internship

We recently held a webinar to talk more about our new School Leavers Social Media Marking Internship Program. Our CEO Reuben lead the webinar taking a deep dive into the world of Social Media Marketing and the great importance it has in todays business world. We were joined by Co-Founder of Outcome Life Gerard, who […]

A Career in Social Media Marketing

We recently hosted a webinar directed by the team at Social Media College to help inform High School VET Coordinators and Teachers more about this exciting industry and how to prepare students to enter into it. Please see the recording below and reach out to our Schools Team if you are ready to act on […]

Why study a Diploma while at High School?

We routinely get asked “what’s the benefits of undertaking a diploma whilst at secondary school?” And today, we’re going to show that benefits

What other options are available to schools to ensure students meet minimum literacy and numeracy for QCE?

SET plans always target how every student is going to exit with their QCE. So these need to consider literacy and numeracy requirements.

Midyear Enrolments can help Year 11 students get ahead!

Mid-year entry to courses can help students reach their QCE points and ATAR goals earlier. Year 11 mid-year entry helps students finish two terms earlier compared to those who only enrol at the start of Year 12. The flexibility this then yields for the final 2 terms of school could prove invaluable for students in […]

50 Business Ideas for People Who Love Facebook

Facebook isn’t only the world’s top social media website and home to billions of likes, comments, and shares – it is the 4th most valuable brand in the world. It is also a place for numerous business and money-making opportunities. If you want to learn how you can make money from Facebook or you’re looking […]

Our Diploma Graduates Where Are They Now?

Have you been considering studying a Diploma in Virtual Reality with Redmako? Are you concerned about the online learning experience or perhaps the cost of the course? We recently interviewed two of our Diploma Graduates one school-based trainee and one non-school based trainee about how they found studying with Redmako in Virtual Reality.  These are […]

15 Best Applications of Virtual Reality Technology

This year, Virtual Reality finally gets real in terms of applications and usage. What used to be regarded as nothing but an addon to video gaming evolved and revolutionized different industries. Futuresource Consulting, in fact, estimates that the VR market volume will reach close to 100 million in sales by the year 2023. This growth covers all countries across […]

Tourism and Events Job Outcomes

The world is your oyster with Tourism and Event qualifications. The career options are almost limitless. You can choose from SIT20116 Certificate II in Tourism/ SIT30516 Certificate in Events combination delivered in school or in Virtual Reality or the SIT50316 Diploma of Event Management delivered in school or in VR. WE also offer the SIT20116 […]

Social Media Marketing Job Outcomes

A team of social media marketing people working on their next strategy

Are you wondering where the jobs are in Social Media Marketing? According to Linkedin there are currently 1000+ results for this category in Australia with 317 new listings. lists 4,868 jobs across Australia. That is a huge job industry with many varied roles within it. The average salary is $62, 000 – $78,000. Here […]